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AVS DVD Player

(DVD Players) February 02, 2011

Really cool


Playing DVDs is easy with this one. Love it.

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Scorched 3D 43.2

(Strategy) December 02, 2010

scorchin it urp!


i'm a huge fan of this game. have "wasted" so many hours playing it. great mods from the community too. big thumbs up.

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Paint.NET 3.5.5

(Image Editors) June 17, 2010

great alterative to photoshop


i think is a pretty damn powerful application, especially considering that it's free. i still feel more at home with photoshop, but have downloaded and used this on other computers where i just need a quick free app to do some image editing on the fly. give it a go.

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MungoGamer Remote Steering Wheel iPhone App 1.0

(iPhone & iPad) April 28, 2010

sweet app!


my first attempt at using this remote steering wheel kind of app but once i got it all set up and running it was actually pretty damn cool. i thought i would feel like an idiot holding the iphone as a steering wheel but it was sensitive and responsive. now for plenty more driving practice!

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