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BS.Player Free 2.53

(Media Players) June 10, 2010

More stable than VLC


I simply rate BS Player with 5 stars because I had playback problems with a lot of 1080p-.mkv-files on the VLC media player which is said to be the best. BS Player played this video files without any problems. Impressive!

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Lyrics Plugin for Winamp 0.3

(Other) October 19, 2009

Great alternative to a CD-booklet


Less and less people are buying music on CDs these days, so you don't have booklets anymore. But if you're interested in the lyrics, this plugin provides a great alternative to reading the lyrics in the Cd's booklet. After installation you can view the lyrics of each song instead of the boring visualization.

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Watchmen Trailer

(Movie Trailers) October 19, 2009

Should have done better at box office


I don't understand why this movie was a box office dissappointment. It has a great story, cool characters, fantastic action and stunning special effects. And it's sexy! I really enjoyed this movie.

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mp3DirectCut 2.11

(A & V Editing) September 23, 2009

Great for removing silence without re-encoding


I hate it when I get an mp3-file that's 20 minutes long and you have to go through 15 minutes of silence to get to the hidden track. I could remove it with an audio editor, but then I would have to re-encode it and lose some more audio quality. With mp3DirectCut you can edit an mp3-file without decompressing it. At last I can remove this annoying silence without losing audio-quality.

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