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IObit Uninstaller Portable 2.0

(Windows Tools) November 05, 2011



Although I prefer REVO uninstaller, but Revo FREE version provides full compatibility for 32-bit ONLY, the 64-bit is shareware! IObit is free, compatible with 32-bit & 64; it is very good and comprehensive, flexible and with many features. It is able to complete the uninstall of program does not completely eliminated, to force the uninstall, delete unwanted toolbars by only a click and much more! Language support: 简体中文,Dansk,English,Suomi,Deutsch,Italiano,日本語,Русский,Spanish,Svenska,Türkçe,Tiếng Việt

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UnFREEz 2.1

(Image Editors) December 09, 2010



Believe me! All the above description is true! The best program of its kind I've ever seen! Grateful, fast, lightweight, simple, portable. Terrific !

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Icon Digger 2000 2.2

(Icons & Cursors) December 06, 2010

Really Good; PORTABLE.


No installation required. Performs well on win XP, and I think later versions as well.Excellent on a USB stick.

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Toolbar Buttons

(Browser Enhancements) June 01, 2010

Download it and try it


This little program deserves your attention. It makes more comfortable and faster to use Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird. After you install this tool, you'll wonder how did you first navigate. I give you advice on SINCERT, it is really useful.

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