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LimeWire 4.18.8

(File Sharing) November 03, 2008

Great !!


I love it.LimeWire excellent.Type a word and click enter and wait.Then a lot of useful results.Don't require search on 100+ web pages that you want the file.

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Firefox 3.0.3

(Browsers) November 03, 2008

Fire on Internet Explorer


Firefox better than a lot of web browser.Because firefox quite speedy and safely.This features already enough.If you said "not enough";It has a lot of other features.You can completely personalize to yourself.A lot of useful add-ons,the wide setting options,improved working algorithms,support drag-drop...Also you can access your favorite web pages easly !! These enough probably?

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GIMP 2.6.1

(Image Editors) November 02, 2008

The best free image editor


Yes.It best free image editor.It like Photoshop,so easy to use.The wide support image format and more.The Gimp still has some deficiencies.

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Sony Ericsson Theme Creator 3.29

(Mobile Phones) November 02, 2008

There isn't the better


At this topic the best choice for theme creator program= Sony Ericsson Theme Creator it has east to use.You can your phone look completely different.

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