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deva, conducator auto
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Top 20 Security Tools

(Specials & News) May 17, 2010

Top 20 Security Tools


After the tremendously successful 2000 and 2003 security tools surveys, Insecure.Org is delighted to release this 2006 survey. I (Fyodor) asked users from the nmap-hackers mailing list to share their favorite tools, and 3,243 people responded. This allowed me to expand the list to 100 tools, and even subdivide them into categories. Anyone in the security field would be well advised to go over the list and investigate tools they are unfamiliar with. I discovered several powerful new tools this way. I also point newbies to this site whenever they write me saying “I don't know where to start”.

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(Filters & Effects) December 13, 2009



PhotoFunia este un site care va ofera 50 de efecte speciale foarte intersante care le puteti aplica fotografiilor dvs. Cum se foloseste? Dati click pe efectul dorit. Apasati pe butonul “Choose File” si selectati poza care vreti sa ii aplicati efecte speciale, puteti sa va puneti o poza cu dvs, eu mi-am bagat o poza cu numele meu: “Cata”, puteti sa va bagati orice, dar poza nu trebuie sa aiba mai mult de 500 Kb, folositi si voi un program cum ar fi Image Resizer sau PIXresizer pentru a reduce dimensiunea pozelor.