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Bittorrent - Faster Downloads Means More Fun

Bittorent Özel has made another impressive move forward in the world of downloads.

Bittorrent will now be available on the site for all files over 10MB.  This means that no matter what your internet connection is, you will be able to access these files, without having to wait forever. If you're ready to test it all out now, check out our collection of largest downloads in our picture gallery.

If you are asking yourself, "What is Bittorrent?", then take a look at our Bittorrent Information Article.  It will tell you all you need to know about Bittorrent and how it will improve your experience using

To celebrate the launch of the Bittorrent capabilities on, we've put together a selection of the largest downloads on the site for you to see just how fast downloads can be with Bittorrent.

In Pictures: Big Bittorrent Downloads

So, make the most of your internet connection and access files that you previously thought impossible!


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