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iTunes 11.1.5 Download

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4.7 Star Rating (3 rating/s)
Date added:
February 28, 2014
Operating systems:
Win XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
File size:
72.5 MB

iTunes Download Info

iTunes Free Download
Apple's iTunes is an acclaimed free to download music player.

Apple iTunes is a free music player from the makers of the iPod. It allows for efficient sorting of your media library and effortless importing of CD music. It also looks up album artwork on the internet and synchronises with your iPod for transfers and for firmware updates.

iTunes can be used in conjunction with the iTunes online music store to purchase your favourite tracks online. Also included is the Cover Flow feature, which allows album artwork to be conveniently viewed.

It is also possible to edit the Tag information of your music in iTunes easily, and to create intelligent playlists.

For more detailed information with lots of screenshots and videos, please visit the official website.


iTunes Ping - Discover new music by going social with Ping. Learn even more about your favorite artists and friends starting with their bios. See what they’ve been up to — even listen to 30-second previews of music they like.

TV Show Rentals - Watch what you want, when you want, without commercial interruptions, and in HD.

AirPlay - Make it simple to play your favorite music in any room or everywhere in your house. Without a hitch. AirPlay wireless technology will be arriving inside speakers, AV receivers, and iPod accessories

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This tool was recommended by Thunder_Burn provides safe and secure software. We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country. If you have any problems or concerns, please report it to the team.

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Editor's Review

Whether you’re into music, audio books, podcast’s, radio or video, iTunes provides you with one of the most elegant and easy-to-use media players in its field.

In Pictures: iTunes Feature Gallery

In its simplest form, iTunes is a jukebox. With it you can play your different media and organise your music into playlists. If you don’t have the time or energy to sift through your entire music collection, iTunes can kindly sort it for you. With its ‘smart playlists’ you can select genres or albums and iTunes can automatically create the right mood without hours of picking and choosing individual songs. To accompany this, the iTunes Equaliser comes with a large range of presets from classical, to rock, to spoken word.

Setting this media player apart from its competitors, however, is its relationship with the iTunes Music Store. After registering an account you can freely browse a vast collection of music and legally download a song for £0.79 (US$0.99), or an album for £7.99 (US$10). It’s a possibly addictive buying experience so if you’re a trigger-happy clicker, make sure you turn off the ‘One-click’ buying option or you’ll quickly clock up an impressive bill.
For the real music connoisseurs, there are more advanced media players out there in terms of audio control and customisation. But everything that is offered with iTunes is done so with Apple’s style and grace and the result is a tool that all music lovers should have in their hands.

In Pictures: iTunes Feature Gallery

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iTunes 7.2

(Media Players), June 30, 2007


Reviewer: Nthngurgel - View all of My Reviews

This is one reason why iPods will control the world, it is because they have full control of this miracle on earth iTunes. This is the cream of the crop the bees knees, and why the iPod is the best choice for an mp3 player. This makes life really easy.

2 of 2 people found the following review useful:

iTunes 7.0.2

(Media Players), February 14, 2007

I like it a lot!

Reviewer: solidb (Munich) - View all of My Reviews

Best thing for me about itunes is that your able to organize all your podcasts, mp3s and videos and sync them with your ipod.

3 of 3 people found the following review useful:

iTunes 7.0.2

(Media Players), February 13, 2007

Great new feature

Reviewer: welshdaz - View all of My Reviews

The overlapping of the artwork really adds a nice touch and gives a real jukebox feel. Flip through your albums by viewing their covers!