How To Turn Off BitDefender

How To Turn Off BitDefender

BitDefender has been around for nearly a decade, and although not as popular as more well-known anti-virus solutions for Windows, such as AVG and Malwarebytes, it is a reliable and decent tool for protecting your system from various forms of malicious software.

As with most anti-virus solutions, BitDefender operates whilst resident in memory, providing real-time protection against potential threats originating from the web browser or email client.

This can lead to conflicts, particularly when installing new software, or performance bottlenecks on less powerful computers. For this reason, sometimes it is necessary to disable real-time protection, until there is enough free resource to re-enable it.

To discover how to temporarily disable BitDefender, follow the steps below in our simple guide and free up some system resource.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • 1

    With BitDefender installed and running, locate the quick launch icon on the right-hand side of the taskbar and click it. The main BitDefender application is displayed.

  • 2

    Click Settings, locate the Real Time Protection box and uncheck it.

  • 3

    Select the time period to disable the feature for, after which time it will automatically begin protecting your system again. If you are unsure what period of time to specify, select permanently (don’t worry, you can manually re-enable the application later).

  • 4

    Real-time protection is now disabled, and you should notice (particularly if your computer is not particularly powerful) an immediate increase in performance. Applications should launch quicker, and buttons clicked should be more responsive. You can now safely install applications without worrying about potential conflicts with BitDefender.

Tips & Advice

  • The Search Advisor feature was introduced in BitDefender Internet Security 2011, and provides the ability to scan the results returned by a search engine for potentially dangerous sites. These are then highlighted in red in situ so that the user knows not to click on them.

    However, some users have reported that this feature sometimes slows down the browsing experience (each site has to be checked by BitDefender before the search results page can be rendered).

    To turn this feature off, and speed up your searches, follow these steps:

    • Launch BitDefender and click Options then Preferences.

    • Choose Security Settings.

    • Disable Search Advisor by clicking the corresponding switch. Search Advisor is now deactivated and your internet searches will be quicker – but be sure to use extra caution when clicking links you are not sure of, as there will be no warning provided by BitDefender.

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