How To: Play a DVD Folder on the Hard Drive using KMPlayer

How To: Play a DVD Folder on the Hard Drive using KMPlayer

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KMPlayer - sometimes known by its full title, K-Multimedia Player - is a popular media playback tool for Windows, renowned for its versatility, wide file format support and impressive feature-set.  It is able to playback most audio and video file extensions, and supports the majority of known codecs. It is also popular due to its excellent handling of damaged AVI files, merely skipping the parts that are missing or corrupted, instead of refusing to play the file at all.

KMPlayer also supports subtitles and playlists, making it the only application you really need for playback of all media types.

KMPlayer is capable of playing DVD folders that are stored on the hard drive, which most ripping software allows you to do to save on blank disks. Follow the steps in our guide to learn how.

Note: you will need a DVD folder on your hard drive in order to run through the steps in this guide. This is a folder that has the same directory structure as the original disk. Most DVD ripping software can generate this folder as an alternative to burning it to a blank disk.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Access the related download link for this article and click the Download Now link to get the installer file for KMPlayer. Once this has finished downloading, run the executable file to kick-off the installation process and then follow the on-screen prompts.

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    Launch KMPlayer after it has finished installing, using either the shortcut on the desktop or by locating the entry in the list of programs within the Windows Start menu.

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    Right-click within the KMPlayer interface and choose Open, then Open Folder.

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    Locate in the Explorer window that appears the folder on your hard drive containing the DVD files. Select the root folder (e.g. not VIDEO_TS or any of the other sub-folders) by clicking it. Click OK.

  • 5

    KMPlayer loads the DVD movie and begins playing it. You can now watch the film as if it was playing from the original disk. Use the controls within the KMPlayer interface in the same way as you would normally, to pause, skip chapters or stop the film at any point.

Tips & Advice

  • KMPlayer can be configured to remember the last point in any movie that you watched, and will resume from that position when the same file is loaded again (just like most standalone DVD players do). When KMPlayer is open, press the F2 key to open the Preferences menu and and select the General tab.
  • Locate the "Remember the played position of video files" option and check the corresponding box.
  • If you wish to store the last played position of audio files as well, check the "Remember for audio files too" box.

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