How To Open PDF in Word

How To Open PDF in Word

The PDF (Portable Document Format) is commonly used by authors who wish to ensure the formatting of their work is preserved and consistent across different platforms. It is the closest to a universal format available – most Windows, Linux and OS X systems contain a PDF reader of some description, and even many Smartphones have them today.

PDF is read-only and often used when authors want to ensure no one can make edits to documents they have created. For this reason, PDF is a popular medium for copyrighted work, purchase orders, invoices and contracts.

If you need to make edits to a PDF in Word and do not have the source document that was used to create it, there are a number of ways to convert PDF to a format Word can edit. Just a few years ago, applications that provided this capability were simplistic, offering limited (and sometimes unusable) results, but advances in recent years have made this once-troublesome process much easier to achieve.

This article talks you through one suggested method that doesn’t even require any software to be installed. Read on to learn more.

URL: pdf2word

You will also need: A PDF document to be converted

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    There are a number of online conversion tools that allow you to upload a PDF file to be automatically converted to a format you can open in Microsoft Word. One such service is which is reputed to have the best table-conversion algorithms (one of the trickiest aspects of converting from PDF to Word).

    Navigate to the URL in your chosen browser.

  • 2

    When the website has finished loading, click Choose File and locate the PDF file you wish to convert on your computer, in the Explorer window that opens. Double-click to select the file.

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    Click Upload and Convert. The conversion process may take a few minutes, and this will very much depend on the size, complexity and number of images in the PDF document you are converting. An animation will play throughout the conversion process.

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    When the process is completed, a download link appears. Click the link to download the converted file produced by

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    When the file has downloaded locally to your computer, locate it in your downloads file and double-click to unzip the file, and open the RTF (rich text file) in Microsoft Word (if you have Word installed it should be set as the default program for editing and viewing .RTF files).

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    The document should now be editable in Microsoft Word. Note that the conversion process from PDF to .DOC and .RTF is rarely perfect, but this is the only method by which you can edit PDF documents using Microsoft Word.

Tips & Advice

  • Once you have finished, you can click Save As and choose PDF or XPS to output the file back to PDF format again.

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