How To: Launch Applications Fast using Speed Launch

How To: Launch Applications Fast using Speed Launch

There are a number of program launchers available for Windows, many of which attempt to index all of the applications on your PC or emulate the famous OS X dock, often with limited success. Speed Launch is a little different in that it allows you to decide which programs to add to its quick launch mechanism, so that you can select only the applications you use regularly, and keep things fast and responsive.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Access the related download link for this article and download the installer file for Speed Launch. Run the MSI installer to add the application to your Windows PC and follow the prompts.

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    After installation, Speed Launch adds a neat little bulls-eye icon to your desktop. This "floats" over a browser and program windows, so that you can always reach it. Begin by dragging a shortcut from your desktop into the bulls-eye icon.

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    The Add Shortcut dialog is displayed. Enter a meaningful Shortcut Name (if one is not automatically populated) and leave the Targets field as it is, then click the Add button.

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    Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all the applications you wish to access easily using Speed Launch.

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    Once you have added a selection of commonly used applications to Speed Launch, press the Windows key and C simultaneously or click the bulls-eye icon to activate the launcher mechanism.

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    The programs you have added to Speed Launch are all shown as buttons along the underside of the launcher. You can now click any of these to launch the required application. Alternatively, begin typing the name of the program and the autocomplete will do the rest for you - just click Launch to open the program shown in the entry field.

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    To manage the list of shortcuts stored by Speed Launch, click the down arrow and choose Manage Shortcuts. Here you can delete any shortcuts that you no longer need quick access to in Speed Launch.

Tips & Advice

  • You can also add a Google web search shortcut to Speed Launch. Open the Manage Shortcuts window and click the Add button.
  • In the Name field, type "Google." The full stop is very important as it opens the Create Function dialog. Enter "search phrase" into the first field in the Create Function dialog, then "" into the second field.
  • Highlight the "searchphrase" part of the string you entered into the second field, then click Finish. You can now search Google using Speed Launch, simply by clicking the bulls-eye icon and choosing your Google shortcut.

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