How To: Improve Your Typing Skills using TIPP10

How To: Improve Your Typing Skills using TIPP10

Most of us use a keyboard for a good part of the day, but are far from being good typists - some of us are even stuck in the rut of using only the index fingers on each hand to type, which is inefficient and can even lead to injuries such as repetitive strain injury or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Therefore, good typing technique is important as it reduces the risk of discomfort and future injury. But how does one learn how to type properly? One tool that helps users learn and adopt a fresh and healthier approach to typing is TIPP10, a freeware app that analyses your typing, revealing bad technique and common mistakes,  and providing in-depth training on how to progress to touch-typing (which is much healthier for your hands, wrists, arms, neck and back).

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Access the related download for this article and grab the installer for TIPP10. Once this has finished downloading, locate the file in your downloads folder and run it to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen prompts during installation.

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    Launch TIPP10 using the desktop shortcut. The intro screen shows you the 10 finger system, which has a colour scheme for each finger on each hand. This is an indicator for which finger should be pressing which key when you touch-type, and the exercises provided by TIPP10 will improve the strength and coordination of the fingers you are currently not using (or not using enough).

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    Click Launch TIPP10 to open the main application. In the Training Lessons tab, select one of the lessons to begin with (if you are a poor typist then it is worth starting with the first lesson). When you click a lesson, some preferences appear on the right hand side. Adjust these as per your requirements, then click Start Training to begin the lesson.

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    Press the space bar to start the lesson and the timer. A stream of text appears along the top of the interface. The objective of the lesson is to type what you see, not using your normal typing technique, but the instructions that application gives. The next letter in the sequence is highlighted on the onscreen keyboard, in the colour of the finger that must be used to type it. There is also a description of the current finger underneath the keyboard, e.g. "right little finger", etc. Follow the instructions, and try to use the specified finger to type each letter, without looking at the keyboard if possible.

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    Any mistakes you make are highlighted and when the lesson is over, TIPP10 provides you with useful feedback on your performance.

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    Select the next lesson, which will be of slightly increased difficulty. Try to unlearn your bad typing techniques and embrace the instructions provided by TIPP10 - as it will improve your productivity and general health over the long term.

Tips & Advice

  • Because many of the lessons offered by TIPP10 may not include the specific vocabulary that you work with (especially since the application is German and has limited English lessons), it allows you to create or upload your own lessons.
  • Select the Own Lessons tab and choose New if you want to type a lesson or Import to upload a text file that will be converted to a lesson. You can choose a paper or other document that is typical of the subject you usually write in, so that you get lots of practice typing the terminology that you encounter on a daily basis.
  • In the TIPP10 General Settings menu you can change the default language as well as select from a wide range of different keyboard layouts.

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