How To: Improve RAM Efficiency using SuperRAM

How To: Improve RAM Efficiency using SuperRAM

If you have plenty of RAM and sometimes notice that your computer is not running the way it should be - e.g. there is a delay when switching between applications, or applications take a long time to launch, then this could be a result of poor memory management within Windows.

SuperRAM is a memory optimiser that manages your RAM much more efficiently than Windows, allowing you to get more bang for your buck. Typically, users tend to purchase more RAM when things get slow, but this isn't always necessary - using the available RAM more efficiently is a more cost effective solution to poor performance.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Access the related download link for this article and grab the SuperRAM 6 installer file. Once this finishes downloading, double-click it to start the installation process and follow the normal procedure for Windows installation.

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    Launch SuperRAM using the desktop shortcut.

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    The SuperRAM interface appears, with a 3D pie chart shown within the right hand side of the main panel. This represents the free and used RAM on your system - the blue section being the free RAM and the red being the RAM used up by other applications and Windows. Right click the SuperRAM entry on the taskbar and choose Free Memory Now.

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    Almost instantly, the pie chart changes to show that more RAM has been freed up - e.g. there is now more blue to the chart than previously.

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    To view more detailed information about your system RAM, click the Run Memory Benchmark Test. An intensive memory scan is performed and a results screen shown shortly afterwards. This can be useful for identifying potential issues such as memory bottlenecks.

Tips & Advice

  • Click the Settings option to configure the SuperRAM 6 preferences.
  • In the Settings menu, you can alter the balance between memory to maintain and memory to free, using the two sliders. When the available memory drops below the value of the first slider, SuperRAM will free up the amount of memory specified on the second slider.
  • Remember to update SuperRAM 6 periodically to ensure you are running the most stable version. Select the Upgrade option when the application first loads to initiate the auto-update tool.

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