How To: Import Facebook Friends into ooVoo

How To: Import Facebook Friends into ooVoo

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ooVoo is a proprietary IM (or instant messaging) client available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android platforms. It is renowned for its excellent audio and video call quality and innovative interface, which provides real-time data on connection speed, latency and audio/video quality. The free version of the application supports video calls, web video chat, video and instant messaging, file sharing and video call recording. Fully registered members of ooVoo enjoy additional benefits such as video conferencing, desktop sharing and calls to mobiles/landlines in 70 different countries.

If you're new to ooVoo, you might find your friend list a little empty, and perhaps most of your contacts are using Skype or another type of IM client. Fortunately, ooVoo makes it easy to invite your Facebook friends to download and use the application, and with just a few clicks your contact list in ooVoo will start to grow. Follow our guide to learn how to invite your Facebook friends to use ooVoo.

You will need both Facebook and ooVoo accounts in order to successfully run through the steps in this guide.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    If you are not already using the excellent instant messaging tool ooVoo, access the related download link for this article and download the application installer by clicking the Download Now link. Save the installer to a location on your hard drive that is easily accessible, and run it once the download is complete. Follow the on-screen prompts throughout the installation process.

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    Launch ooVoo using the desktop shortcut icon that was added during installation. If it is your first time using the application, you will need to register an ooVoo account beforehand. You can do this here.

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    In the ooVoo interface, click Invite Your Friends, then choose Facebook. The Facebook login screen appears in a new browser tab, unless you are already logged in to Facebook (in which case, you can skip the next step).

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    Enter the email address and password associated with your Facebook account and click Allow. If you check the Keep Me Logged In to ooVoo box before clicking Allow, your ooVoo and Facebook accounts will be permanently linked.

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    A list of online Facebook friends is shown, each with a corresponding checkbox. Check the boxes of the friends you would like to invite to ooVoo, or click Select All to check all boxes in one click. If you want to include a download link to the ooVoo application, check the Add ooVoo Download Link To The Invitation box.

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    Enter a personal message into the field on the right. This step is optional, but advised in order to make the ooVoo message look less like spam, as a generic message template is used if no custom one is specified.

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    Click Send to send the message to the Facebook friends you selected. The message appears in the Facebook chat window, so you can see exactly how it appears to each of your contacts.

Tips & Advice

  • ooVoo integrates with Facebook in other ways once you have linked your accounts as per the steps in the main guide. When viewing the ooVoo interface, you can update your Facebook status by typing something into the field underneath your name and clicking the blue Facebook logo on the right.
  • A preview of the status appears in the browser. Here you can make adjustments to the message, add an ooVoo Call Me link and preview how the message will appear to your Facebook friends. Click Post to update your Facebook status when you are happy with the message.
  • You can also choose to invite friends to use ooVoo via email. Click Invite Your Friends and choose Email, then enter the addresses of the friends you wish to invite to connect with you on ooVoo, and choose a personalised message to include with the invite.

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