How to View the Browsing History in Internet Explorer

How to View the Browsing History in Internet Explorer

It’s happened to us all before: you find a useful site containing exactly the right crucial information you were looking for, and you forget to bookmark it. You get distracted, side-tracked, a telephone call, a visit from your parents, or a power-cut, and its gone.

Fortunately, you’re not alone, and web browser product managers feel your pain. That’s why, for many years, the History feature has been such an integral part of applications that facilitate access to the world wide web. A file somewhere on your computer stores a fully comprehensive list of all the URLs you have accessed, and it’s just a few clicks or button presses away.

To learn how to access your history files when using Internet Explorer, follow the easy steps below.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • 1

    Launch Internet Explorer 8 from the Start menu or desktop/quick launch shortcut. After a few seconds, the main browser window is displayed.

  • 2

    Firstly, press CTRL and H. An overview of all the internet browsing history you built up since Internet Explorer was installed (or since the history was last deleted) is displayed.

  • 3

    Select from the following view options when the History panel is open:

    View by date: this view includes the filters for each day of the week, last week and the current day. Click one of the filters to display the sites accessed during that time period.

    View by site: this view lets you break down all the page results by site and your computer.

    View by most visited: this option displays the sites you have frequented the most.

    View by order visited today: this view allows you to backtrack your steps chronologically through the current day. It is the best option if you are having difficulty locating a previously visited website.

    Search History: this option opens a search field. Enter keywords into the field and click Search Now. All available history will be scanned through for the search phrase, and any matches will be summarised.

    Select the required option from the dropdown menu and then follow the usage instructions detailed above.

Tips & Advice

  • Sometimes it is necessary to delete the history files that accumulate up over time. This is particularly true if you are using a public computer in an internet cafe, at work, or perhaps the library. This also applies to the cookies that are automatically created when you visit certain websites, as they often remember your username and password. Refer to the article How To: Delete History on Internet Explorer for more information on how to do this.

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