How to Turn Off TuneUp Utilities

How to Turn Off TuneUp Utilities

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Since TuneUp Utilities doesn’t provide us with the ability to exit via a button or other control, it is necessary to force it to shut down by ending the process running in memory.

Every running program contains at least one visible process that can be easily killed. In almost all cases, this is possible to do using the Windows Task Manager.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • 1

    Press CTRL, Alt and Delete simultaneously while TuneUp Utilities is running, and click Start Task Manager.

    Alternatively, click Start and enter Task Manager into the Search field. Click View Running Processes in Task Manager.

  • 2

    Whichever method you used, the Windows Task Manager is displayed. Click the Processes tab to view a list of every program currently resident in memory.

    This is divided into five columns, all displaying useful information about each process:
    Image Name, User Name, CPU usage, Memory Usage, Description

  • 3

    Locate all the processes that have TuneUp Utilities in the Description column. One by one, left-click to highlight them and click End Process. If a confirmation dialog appears asking if you are sure, click Yes.

    TuneUp Utilities is forced to shut-down, and will not re-start, until you launch it from the Start menu or other shortcut.

Tips & Advice

  • As demonstrated in the above guide, the Task Manager is very useful for closing down stubborn applications. This includes non-responsive programs, those with no clear option to exit, or malicious software such as spyware or viruses.

    There is one word of warning regarding the use of the Task Manager in this way, and that is to always ensure you know which processes you are forcing to shutdown. Be very wary of closing applications that are marked as SYSTEM, NETWORK SERVICE or LOCAL SERVICE as these may have a detrimental effect on Windows

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