How to Take a Picture with Manycam

How to Take a Picture with Manycam

ManyCam is a hilarious freeware application for Windows and OS X platforms that enables users to manipulate the images captured by a webcam, by adding a multitude of backgrounds or cartoon objects or such as animal masks, bowler hats and sunglasses. Facial accessories that have been rendered over the user will move in time with their movements, due to innovative facial tracking technology.

ManyCam doesn’t provide a video capturing feature, but it is possible to take single frame snaps of your current webcam ‘feed’. Read on to learn how, whether you’re a Mac or Windows user.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Download ManyCam from the URL provided above and double-click the installation file to get started. Follow the on-screen prompts.

    Once installation is completed, ManyCam might need configuring for use on your system. Refer to the article How To Setup ManyCam for more information on this.

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    Click the Sources tab and select the Snapshot Images panel. Underneath the main webcam feed is a Snapshot button. Click the button to take a picture of whatever is currently in your webcam feed. The new picture appears in the gallery underneath the Snapshot button. Whenever you take snapshots, they will appear here.

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    Click the Save button to safely store the image on your computer. In the Explorer window that opens, choose a suitable location on your hard drive, and click Save.

Tips & Advice

  • If you want to manipulate the image properties, you must do so before clicking the Snapshot button. To the right of the webcam feed image, there are various colour controls:

    - Greyscale – clicking this button instantly changes the image to black and white.

    - Brightness – drag the slider to the left to darken the image, or right to brighten it.

    - Contrast – drag the slider left to reduce contrast, or right to increase it.

    - Saturation – the further left the Saturation slider, the less global colour intensity the image will have.

    - RedIntensity – as per Saturation, but only effects the red colour levels.

    - GreenIntensity – as per Saturation, but only effects the green colour levels.

    - BlueIntensity – as per Saturation, but only effects the blue colour levels
  • Underneath the slider controls are four more buttons: Flip Horizontally, Flip Vertically, Rotate Left and Rotate Right. These are all fairly self-explanatory – if not, then experiment with them by clicking each one in turn. You can’t do any harm – just click the button again to revert back to the previous state.
  • Alternatively, employ the myriad of ManyCam effects prior to taking your snapshot image. Click the Effects tab, and choose from Objects, Backgrounds, Effects or Face Accessories. For more information on how to apply these effects, refer to the article How To: Setup ManyCam.

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