How to Put Videos into ManyCam

How to Put Videos into ManyCam

ManyCam is a fun application for Windows and OS X that allows users to add digital elements to the video feed captured from a webcam, in real-time. ManyCam utilises innovative face-tracking technology, which means objects can be super-imposed over the face of the webcam user. All movement is synchronised, creating the illusion that the inserted objects exist in the “real” world.

For added hilarity, ManyCam also supports the ability to input pre-recorded video clips into the webcam feed. This can be a video of someone else using a webcam, or just about anything your imagination can conjure up. Read on to learn how.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    After launching ManyCam, click the Sources tab and then select the Movies panel (this is second from the top, underneath Cameras).

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    Click Open a New File, located at the bottom of the screen (underneath the Recent Files section). Locate the video file on your computer that you wish to use as a fake webcam feed and double-click to load it into ManyCam.

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    Click the Play icon to begin. Click the Loop icon to repeat the video over and over again. The video is now your webcam feed, and any video chat friends in Skype, Windows Live Messenger, or any other video conferencing application, will see the video in the place of your web feed.

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    Use the Image and Colour tabs to manipulate the image if required. The Image tab allows you modify the resolution, rotate the image, and improve the quality. Press the Eject icon when you wish to stop the video and resume normal webcam conversation.

Tips & Advice

  • This feature is useful if you wish to show a video clip to a friend you are talking to on a video conferencing application, without sending it to them.
  • You can also use this trick to make people think you are at your computer when you are in fact somewhere else. Just record normal video footage of yourself using your webcam, add it to ManyCam (as detailed in the main guide) and activate the looping feature.
  • If you want to use an FLV video file downloaded from YouTube or another video streaming site, you must first convert it to a format that ManyCam recognises (AVI, MPEG or WMV).

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