How to Download YouTube videos with BitComet

How to Download YouTube videos with BitComet

BitComet is not only one of the best Bit Torrent clients available for Windows, it also famously handles downloads of other types too, including the web (HTTP) and from FTP sites. This is all handled through the same homogenised interface, for maximum usability.

Recent versions of BitComet upped the ante even further by allowing users to capture embedded video clips from websites, and download them locally for later offline viewing. Downloading Flash videos is not new functionality – many other applications have offered it previously – but it has never been integrated into a Bit Torrent client before.
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Step-by-Step Instructions

  • 1

    Launch your web browser of choice (either Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer) by clicking the desktop shortcut, or locating the shortcut in the Windows Start menu.

    Once installed, BitComet integrates itself into these two browsers, and provides context-sensitive menu options within the right-click menu.

    This means you do not even have to launch the application to access certain functionality.

  • 2

    Access a streaming video service such as in your browser by entering the URL into the address bar. Select a video to download locally.

  • 3

    Right-click the mouse over a blank area of the screen, when the video is cued up and ready to play within the webpage. Select Download Media Files (Mozilla Firefox)or Download all with BitComet (Internet Explorer). This option has a BitComet orange logo beside it, so it is easy to find. Choose the media file that appears in the list.

    BitComet automatically detects the available media files on the page for downloading. If there are two files here, this could mean that two streams of varying quality are available. Choose the larger filesize for the best quality.

  • 4

    Enter a filename and location for the captured video on your computer and click OK. The file starts downloading from the website. Depending on its size, your internet connection and the available bandwidth on the web server, the time it takes to download will vary.

  • 5

    Check the location specified in Step 5 after a few minutes to see if the download has completed. When the download is finished, the FLV file can be viewed using any tool that supports VLC playback. The VideoLAN Client is a worthy choice.

Tips & Advice

  • It is also possible to capture embedded Flash content such as games using BitComet. In Mozilla Firefox, open the webpage containing the embedded Flash element and right-click a blank area. Choose Download Media Files and select Capture Flash Files. Any Flash objects for download will now be accessible in this menu – just select them to download them locally.
  • In Internet Explorer, the right-click Download all with BitComet menu option automatically searches everything downloadable on the page, and presents you with a list. Simply search the list for the Flash object you wish to download and select it to save it locally on your computer.

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