How to Add Subtitles to GOM Player

How to Add Subtitles to GOM Player

Modern video file formats such as OGM and Matroska have subtitle data encoded within them, and the GOM player will automatically detect this during playback (simply right-click and choose Show Subtitles), but older, more antiquated video containers such as AVIs and MPGs will not have this information included within the file.
If you want to watch a movie or documentary in an older format (such as AVI) with subtitles, then you need to download the subtitle track separately (the file format is .SRT), and associate it with the video file. It’s not as complex as it sounds, and fortunately there are many useful resources on the web.

Follow the steps below to get started.
You will also need: An MPG or AVI file and the subtitle data file. (.SRT format).

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • 1

    Create a new folder on your computer and copy the movie file there. Add the subtitle data file (.SRT format) into the same folder.

    The subtitle data file is essentially the entire dialogue of a movie contained within a text file, which includes timing information between each line. These files are readily available on the internet.

  • 2

    Rename the subtitle file so it matches the filename of the movie in the same directory, apart from the extension which should remain as .SRT.

    E.g. if the movie is called moviefile1.avi, change the subtitle file to

  • 3

    Locate the GOM shortcut on your desktop and double-click to launch the player. Alternatively, locate the program in the Windows Start menu and click it once.

    The GOM player window appears shortly afterward.

  • 4

    Right-click anywhere on the main player window and choose Open and then File(s).

    An explorer window will then open.

  • 5

    Locate the video file you wish to watch with subtitles in the directory created in Step 1 and double-click to load it in the GOM player.

    The movie opens and GOM automatically loads the subtitles contained in the same directory.

  • 7

    Press the Play button to commence playback. Right-click anywhere on the main player window and choose Subtitles and then Show Subtitles.

    As an alternative, by pressing ALT and H you can toggle between hide/show subtitles.

Tips & Advice

  • Press F7 to display the GOM Control Panel, and choose the Subtitle panel. Here you can specify some preferences.

    If the Subtitles are not quite in sync with the on-screen dialogue, use the Back 0.5 seconds or Forward 0.5 seconds buttons to fine-tune the synchronisation. If there are multiple language subtitles present (usually only supported in the newer file formats such as .MKV) then click Next Language to cycle through them.

    Use the Size slider to change the text size of the subtitles (the further left you drag, the smaller the text will be). The Y and X sliders are the on-screen coordinates of the subtitles, and can be used to modify their position (useful if the film has widescreen bars and you want to position the text so it is on a black background).

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