How to Add Skins to RocketDock

How to Add Skins to RocketDock

Even Microsoft fans will admit that no one does usability quite like Apple, and RocketDock presents Windows users with a near-perfect Mac-style interface, without the less desirable aspects associated with taking the Apple route (such as the cost of the proprietary hardware).

RocketDock is fully customisable, allowing users to further modify its OS X-esque toolbar by downloading and installing additional applications, icons and skins (sometimes called themes). We have already covered how to add icons and applications (or Docklets) in separate articles; this how-to gives guidance on how to select and install a new RocketDock theme from the myriad available online.

To get started with customising your RocketDock theme, just follow the simple steps below.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • 1

    In your browser, navigate to the Skins library and select one to download and install. Click a Skin description to display more information. Click Download File! to download the Skin locally to your computer.

  • 2

    Locate the file in your 'downloads' folder.
    RocketDock Skins, as with Docklets and Icons, arrive in ZIP format. Use your file archiving tool of choice to extract the contents of the ZIP archive.

  • 3

    Copy the contents of the RocketDock Skin ZIP archive to the RocketDock Skin folder (the default location is C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Skins).

  • 4

    Launch RocketDock from the Start menu or desktop/quick launch shortcut. After a short pause the application starts and the RocketDock toolbar is displayed.

  • 5

    Right-click anywhere on the RocketDock toolbar and select Dock Settings. The Dock Settings window is displayed. Select the Style sub-menu from the vertical icons on the left-hand side of the Dock Settings window.

  • 6

    The theme extracted and copied to the RocketDock folder in Step 4 should be available from the Theme dropdown menu. Select it and click OK. The theme is then immediately activated and the RocketDock toolbar changes accordingly.

Tips & Advice

  • Additional Dock Settings

    With the Dock Settings Style window open, you can further modify the appearance of RocketDock with these options:

    Opacity – this option sets the transparency of the RocketDock background image.

    Disable Icon Labels – this option disables the help text that appears when hovering over icons.

    Select Font – the style, colour and size of the fonts in RocketDock are completely customisable.

    Shadow Colour – this option defines the font shadow colour.

    Outline Colour – this option allows you to choose the outline colour of the fonts.

    Outline Opacity – this setting sets the transparency of the font outline.

    Shadow Opacity – this setting modifies the transparency of the font shadow.

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