How To Crop With Picasa

How To Crop With Picasa

Google’s web-based application Picasa is a great alternative way to easily share photographs with friends and family, without compromising image quality or signing up for all the extra, unnecessary news-feed noise that comes as standard with social-networking sites such as Facebook.

In addition to excellent photo-sharing features, Picasa provides a simple photo-editing suite, which is built in Flash, and offers all the standard features a user needs to polish his or her library of images.

Often, simple edits made to photographs can enhance them exponentially. This includes cropping, which can remove unwanted background (or foreground) elements and provide focus to the main subject, creating a stronger composition.

Follow the steps below to discover how to crop photos in Picasa.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • 1

    Open Picasa by entering the URL provided above into your browser address bar. If prompted, log-in using your Google account credentials.

  • 2

    A summary of your Picasa albums is displayed. Select the album containing the image to be cropped. A series of thumbnails (the albums contents) is displayed.

  • 3

    Click the image you wish to crop. A larger preview is displayed.

  • 4

    Click the Edit button from the tool bar. Picnik, the Picasa image manipulation tool will open after a short pause. Your photo will be displayed, ready for you to start chopping away with virtual scissors.

  • 5

    Click Crop to engage the Crop tool. A list of options related to cropping is displayed across the main toolbar.

  • 6

    A grid is displayed over your image, representing a selection area to be retained after the crop process. The grid can be moved around by left-clicking, holding and dragging around the canvas.

  • 7

    To change the size and shape of the grid selection area, click the modifiers situated on the corners. Use the dropdown options in the Constraints Menu to change the behaviour of the grid.

  • 8

    When you are sure the area inside the grid is what you wish to retain, and everything outside of it can be clipped away, click OK. The image is cropped as per the selection area you specified.

Tips & Advice

  • Click Reset at any time to re-load your image and undo any changes.
  • The contents of the grid selection area can be resized to specific pixel dimensions. Enter the Width and Height into the Actual Size fields, and click Scale Photo.

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