How To: Broadcast a Webcam Stream over the Web using webcamXP

How To: Broadcast a Webcam Stream over the Web using webcamXP

Have you ever wanted to produce your own TV channel? In the past, this was only possible if you had the time, money and resources. Today, anyone with a webcam can broadcast their own live channel over the internet to potentially thousands of viewers simultaneously.

webcamXP is a flexible, powerful webcam tool that is free for private use and offers an impressive feature set for webcam owners. One of its most impressive features is the ability to broadcast a webcam stream over the internet, and allow anyone to access and view it.

You will need a webcam connected to your PC and properly configured to run through the steps in this guide.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • 1

    Access the related download link for this article and grab the installer file for webcamXP. The program is lightweight and won't need long to download. Once this is done, run the executable file to initiate the install, and follow the on-screen prompts.

  • 2

    Launch webcamXP using the shortcut that was added to the desktop during installation.

  • 3

    Select Web/Broadcast on the left hand side, then click the Broadcast (HTTP) tab (if it is not already selected by default).

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    To broadcast your webcam stream on a home network (e.g. not publish over the internet), enter the home IP address into the IP Address / Hostname field. You can find this out by typing the ipconfig command into the command line (run CMD.exe from the Windows Start menu).

  • 5

    To broadcast your webcam stream over the internet, enter your fixed IP address into the IP Address / Hostname field. You can discover this by using one of the "What is my IP address?" services on the internet, such as, or

  • 6

    Enter a Port for your PC to broadcast the stream via in the Web Server port field. 8080 is the standard port, which is assumed if not otherwise specified by the user connecting to your stream. Entering anything other than 8080 in this field means that users will have to know the specific port number in order to view your broadcast.

  • 7

    Select Dynamically Generated as the Default Document (this should be selected by default).

  • 8

    Click the Activate button to begin broadcasting the webcam stream. You can test this by connecting to your IP address from another machine.

Tips & Advice

  • To limit the bandwidth of your broadcast (so that you prevent the stream from using up too much of your internet connection by reserving some bandwidth for yourself) check the Limit Bandwidth (kb/s) field. In the free text field underneath, enter the number of kilobytes per second to allocate to the broadcast.
  • Click Activate to begin broadcasting with the bandwidth limiter in place.

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