How To: Block and Allow Applications in Comodo Firewall

How To: Block and Allow Applications in Comodo Firewall

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A firewall is an application that protects your computer from malicious attacks by restricting outbound and inbound communication to only trusted programs. Malicious attacks, from either hackers or malware, often attempt to gain control of a computer or transmit data from it (such as online activity or keystrokes) to a third-party without your consent.  Restricting the flow of communications in both directions is an effective, tried and tested method of thwarting these types of attack.

To ensure a firewall is at its most effective, it must be configured correctly so that trusted applications are granted the appropriate permissions required to function normally, and everything else is blocked (denied access to the internet). This means that, in the event of a malware infection, your personal data cannot be communicated to any third-parties (which could result in aggressive targeted advertising, or in extreme cases, identity fraud).

Comodo Firewall is an excellent choice of firewall and allows you full control over which installed applications are allowed access to the internet, and will immediately alert you when something not on your safe list attempts to communicate via your internet connection. Read on to learn more.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Comodo Firewall is a component of Comodo Internet Security, which can be acquired using the Related Download link for this article. Once the file cis_installer5.5.exe has finished transferring to your computer, double-click it to kick off the installation process and follow the on-screen prompts.

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    Once Comodo Internet Security is installed, it's firewall component begins running automatically and will monitor your application usage. You will be prompted to define rules for each application that attempts to communicate through the firewall, which acts as a line of defence between your computer and the internet. Start by launching your web browser (any browser will do, be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Opera).

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    Comodo Firewall will alert you that an application is attempting to communicate via the firewall, in a small pop-up window, which displays the application name (the executable that is used to launch the application, e.g. firefox.exe or chrome.exe) and the developer (e.g. Google or Mozilla). Comodo Firewall also advises you if the application is a known, and trusted/untrusted one. To learn more about the application, click the .exe filename to open the Properties window.

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    In this case, it is clear that the application is your web browser, and as such a trusted program, so click OK to close the Properties window and then check the Remember my Answer box and click the Allow button. Comodo Firewall will no longer request your permission to Allow/Block your web browser whenever it is launched.

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    Try launching any other application that uses the internet, and running through the same steps. In time, Comodo Firewall will learn about your trusted applications and will only alert you when a new application is installed, or in the event of a malicious attack. To prevent an application from accessing the internet, just click the Block button.

Tips & Advice

  • Comodo Firewall can also provide you with an overview of activity if you select Comodo Firewall from the list of programs in the Start menu, double-click the desktop shortcut or right-click the System tray icon and choose Open. Click the Summary tab to view the Outbound and Inbound totals. Note that there will usually be many more Outbound requests than Inbound. Click the Outbound Connections total to view each application in detail.
  • If you suspect a malicious attack, click the Stop All Traffic button in the Summary tab and all traffic will be locked down. You can then perform a scan of your system using the Comodo Antivirus component, which will detect and remove any malicious software on your system. Once this has been done, click Restore All Traffic to reinstate your normal Comodo Firewall rules.

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