How To: Backup a Movie DVD using DVDFab DVD Copy

How To: Backup a Movie DVD using DVDFab DVD Copy

DVD is a very resilient form of physical storage, but it is not infallible. Much more so than CDs, DVD discs are prone to damage from scratching, fingerprints, extreme heat or cold or liquids. They can also be easily misplaced.

For this reason, it is recommended to take backups of your most treasured movies using a reliable application such as DVDFab DVD Copy. To do this, you will need two DVD drives connected to your PC (at least one of which must be a DVD writer) and a blank DVD disc.

Our easy to follow guide shows you how to use the excellent DVDFab DVD Copy to make backup copies of your favourite discs.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Follow the Related Download link for this article and click Download Now to acquire the application installer file for DVDFab DVD Copy. Once this has finished downloading, run the executable file and follow the on-screen prompts throughout installation.

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    Insert the movie DVD you wish to backup into the DVD reader drive of your PC. Next, insert a blank DVD into the DVD writer drive.

  • 3

    Launch DVDFab DVD Copy using the shortcut added to the desktop during installation. The main interface appears after a brief pause, and the two discs are analysed. The master DVD that you will backup should be shown in the Source field. If it is not, click the folder icon and select the correct drive. If the blank disc is not shown in the Target field, repeat this process, this time selecting the drive containing the blank disc.

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    On the left hand vertical menu, click Full Disc if you wish to copy an entire disc (including additional extras) or Main Movie if you want to only create a backup of the main feature.

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    Select DVD5 or DVD9 from the dropdown menu, depending on the type of blank DVD you have in your DVD writer. Most commercial DVDs are the larger DVD9 type, whereas it is common for blank DVDs to be the smaller DVD5 type. If you are copying a DVD9 disc and burning its contents to a DVD5, then DVDFab DVD Copy will reduce the quality accordingly so that it fits onto the disc.

  • 6

    Click Start to begin the disc read and write process. The time required for this will depend on a number of factors: the performance capabilities of your computer and the size of the master DVD being the biggest. Once this is completed, a message appears informing you that your DVD backup is now ready for use.

  • 7

    Test the backup by inserting it into a standalone DVD player.

Tips & Advice

  • DVDFab DVD Copy can also read and write ISO files, which are an image file of an original DVD disc. If you want to use an ISO as the source file to burn to a disc, click the disc icon to the right of the folder icon in the Source field, then locate the ISO image file on your computer. The Target field should be populated with the drive containing the blank disc you want to burn the ISO file to. Click Start.
  • If instead you want to produce an ISO image from a DVD, select the original disc as the Source and click the disc icon in the Target field. Specify a location and filename for the new ISO and click Start.

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