How to Avoid Conflicts of Avira AntiVir with Spybot Search & Destroy

How to Avoid Conflicts of Avira AntiVir with Spybot Search & Destroy

If you have ever tried to run two different types of malware, spyware or virus protection applications at the same time, you will probably know from experience that conflicts are fairly common due to the fact that these types of programs must run constantly in memory, and operate in similar ways to real malicious software. Conflicts such as these can cause one or both applications to stop working, or a severe reduction in performance.

Both Avira AntiVir and Spybot Search & Destroy offer an exceptional level of defence for your system when used together, as long as two components of Spybot are disabled beforehand (Resident SDHelper and Resident TeaTimer). Follow the steps below to ensure these two applications work together instead of quarrelling, and ramp up your computers fortification against malicious nasties.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Launch Spybot Search and Destroy by double-clicking the desktop icon or the entry in the Windows Start menu. If you do not already have the application installed, head over to the download page and run the installer to add exceptional spyware defence to your computer. You will also need Avira AntiVir running on your system in order to run through the steps in this guide.

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    Click Mode and select Activate Advanced Mode when the Spybot Search and Destroy interface is displayed.

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    Click Tools in the left hand panel, and then select Resident.

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    Locate the Resident SDHelper and Resident TeaTimer checkboxes and click to disable them both. Resident SDHelper provides an additional layer of defence for Internet Explorer, whilst Resident TeaTimer monitors the called/initiated system processes for known malicious activity. Both components are unnecessary if Avira AntiVir is running, and may be mistaken for malicious infections.

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    Close Spybot to complete the process. Both applications should now function normally when running simultaneously.

Tips & Advice

  • Ensure you keep both Spybot Search and Destroy and Avira AntiVir fully up to date at all times to maximise the effectiveness of each application.

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