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f4 - audio 3.1 Download

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Date added:
September 06, 2009
Operating systems:
Win XP/Windows Vista/Win 2000
MediaPlayer 9 and Direct X9.0c or higher
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f4 - audio Download Info

f4-audio transcription Free Download
f4 audio helps you to transcribe audio data such as interviews.

'f4 audio' is compatible to the audio formats mp3, ogg, wma, wav, aif, avi and mpg.

The features of 'f4 audio' are:

Rewind interval
A short automatic rewind when pausing audio data is essential for smooth transcription. When playing the data again you will hear the last two or three words, which dramatically improves the flow of your write-up. The interval is set using a slide button.
Playback speed
You can alter the playback speed using a slide button. A slower playback speed is helpful when transcribing; when proofreading, a quicker playback is usually preferred.
Audio fast-forward and rewind
The f3 and f5 keys enable you to hear the audio data when fast-forwarding and rewinding. That means that you can more easily find a specific place in a recording, even when moving quickly through the audio data.
The sync-mode is used when proofreading or analysing a transcription.Through the use of (automatically or manually placed) time-markers which you add to the text, it allows the text to automatically scroll along with the part of the recording it belongs to, however much you rewind and fast-forward.
f4 automatically saves every transcription every ten minutes in a backup file (C:/documents and settings/Username/f4/autosave). This prevents you from losing data, even in case of an error. You can change the location where the backup should be saved whenever you want.
Footswitch operation
Our single-button footswitch makes operating audio data much easier and much quicker (10-30% faster). The transcriber can play, pause and rewind audio data with a single button. The footswitch costs €99 including postage and packaging. Additional information is available here.
Time-markers - manual or automatic
Time-markers are an important aid to orientation around a transcript, allowing you to quickly consult the original source. Time-markers are inserted using the f8 key. If you click on a time-marker in your text, the audio data will be played at that particular point. This function works inf4 and almost all other programmes (such as Word, MAXQDA2007, etc.) You can choose to set time-markers automatically at every new paragraph.
You can set up to ten text elements to be inserted either automatically or through a specific key combination.Transcription and audio data linkedIf you have created your transcription using f4, when you reopen it the relevant audio file will be automatically opened.

Contents from the official Producer’s website.

This tool was recommended by wisnia_brx provides safe and secure software. We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country. If you have any problems or concerns, please report it to the team.

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