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Windows 7 Wallpapers: Simply Beautiful!

Windows 7 wallpapers

Check out the latest wallpapers from the upcoming Windows 7 release featuring regional wallpapers from the likes of Brazil, India, Italy and more. More

Top 100 Free Wallpapers

Freshen Up Your Desktop!

Top 100 Free Wallpapers

Amazing photographs and vibrant digital art: Discover your new favourite desktop image in this collection of 100 impressive wallpapers. More

Top 20 Sexy Hollywood Babes: Wallpaper Collection

Hollywood Hotties Wallpaper special

A classic collection of sexy wallpapers featuring some of the hottest stars in Hollywood. More

Gaming Wallpaper Collection

Liven Up Your Screen

Free Gaming Wallpaper Collection

A series of top games are featured in this great collection of wallpapers all around the theme of gaming characters from recent big hits. Enjoy! More

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HD Wallpapers - Travel 1.0

Experience a special feeling of freedom and adventure by downloading the free HD wallpaper-pack travel with pictures from the most beautiful places on earth.

12 879
August 13, 2010

Download Here!

HD Babes Wallpaper Collection

Hot Babes and sharp curves: These virtual beauties can't wait to be plastered on your desktop!

User's Rating 5.0 Star Rating

13 379
August 13, 2010

Download Here!

Abstract HD Wallpaper Collection

Bringing fancy HD abstract wallpapers to your desktop. .

9 067
August 13, 2010

Download Here!

HD Wallpapers Cities 1.0

Free HD-Wallpaper Collection with amazing pictures from big cities.

User's Rating 5.0 Star Rating

10 711
August 13, 2010

Download Here!

Sexy Babes Wallpaper Pack 1

This extra large wallpaper pack contains 125 lovely babes in lingerie, bikini or just naked. These seductive ladies will surely spice up things on your desktop!

11 866
January 01, 1970

Download Here!

50 of the Hottest Wallpapers....EVER! 1

Specials & News

As the Summer is drawing to a close what better way to embrace the winter than decking out your monitor with a load of scantily clad hotties?

User's Rating 4.5 Star Rating

10 954
August 28, 2010

Download Here!

HD Wallpapers - Cars 1.0

With this wallaper-pack, you gain 15 stunning cars for your desktop.

8 143
August 13, 2010

Download Here!

MacOSX Snow Leopard - Wallpaper Pack

A fantastic collection of wallpapers featured with the new operating system from apple, Snow Leopard.

User's Rating 4.0 Star Rating

20 626
August 13, 2009

Download Here!

Top 50 Digital Art Wallpapers

Specials & News

Fantasy landscapes, moody vectors, sassy babes and the cute and quirky: We bring you 50 of the best digital art and design wallpapers to add some flair to your desktop.

User's Rating 4.0 Star Rating

15 610
August 08, 2009

Download Here!

Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack 5.0

A collection of wallpapers from Microsoft's new operating system Windows 7.

User's Rating 5.0 Star Rating

36 428
June 14, 2010

Download Here!

Dual Screen Wallpapers

One of windows 8 features is the ability to have a panoramic wallpaper that spans over two screens seamlessly. Why wait for windows 8 to have this great option? When you can do this with windows 7.

2 217
May 02, 2012

Download Here!

HD Wallpapers - Games 1.0

Pure gaming fun: With this cool wallpaper-pack you gain 20 hot game-wallpaper for your desktop.

5 704
August 13, 2010

Download Here!

Windows 7 DreamScene Activator 1.1

Windows 7 DreamScene Activator is a small freeware portable app which will allow you to activate DreamScene video wallpapers in Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit.

2 746
January 26, 2011

Download Here!

100 Desktop Hotties in HD

Specials & News

One hundred percent seduction on 100 very hot images.

4 254
January 21, 2011

Download Here!

Chasing the Unreachable Wallpaper Pack

Wallpaper Pack Chasing The Unreachable, featuring a woman.

1 898
June 19, 2008

Download Here!

Desktopography Wallpaper Collection presents you the exclusive Desktopography wallpaper pack with stunning wallpapers in HD-resolution. These wallpapers have been designed by professional artists and are a pleasure for your eyes as well as for your desktop.

4 704
March 17, 2010

Download Here!

DreamScene Wallpaper Pack

This wallpaper pack is a collection of the best animated video wallpapers from Dreamscene.

2 596
January 26, 2011

Download Here!

National Geographic Wallpaper Pack 1.0

National Geographic has been working for over 120 years to capture the wonders of nature on film. Renowned photographers show us the world in a unique way and like we've never seen before. This collection of wallpapers is an example of the wonders of our world.

1 109
September 28, 2010

Download Here!

Pixar Wallpaper Pack

No matter if tragic, funny and beautiful, romantic, sad, or action-packed - The Pixar Wallpaper Pack includes all the stars from the feature movies of the famous film studio. The 75 wallpapers are worth seeing - and even more impressive as 3D-Movie!

4 144
December 22, 2009

Download Here!

Rainbow Wallpaper Pack

Specials & News

Are you fed up with dull desktops and boring wallpapers? If you need some fresh, bright colours on your computer, then check out our colourful rainbow wallpapers. We have put together the 50 best rainbow -themed HD wallpapers which will bring a spectrum of cheerful colours to your PC.

March 07, 2011

Download Here!
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