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Top 50 Album Covers of All Time 

The Visual Delights of the Music World

Top 50 Album Covers of All Time
Controversial, creative and cool. Album cover artwork that has left its mark on the music industry.

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Top 50 Album Covers
In the age of digital music, cover artwork may have lost some importance, but it wasn’t always this way. Many great albums have been contained within masterpieces in their own right. But what makes a great album cover? Is it the statement it makes? Is it the artistic or photographic skill involved? Perhaps it is just the great music which makes the impact, and by loving the album we love the artwork. Whatever the reason, everyone has their favourites.

In Pictures:  Top 50 Album Covers

We have put together a collection worthy of Top 50 status and included the Album Cover Finder application that will allow you to track down that great cover art to go with your music collection.


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