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Top 20 Girls of Gaming Gallery

Top 20 Girls of Gaming

Rank 15:  Paine (Final Fantasy)

Paine, who only appears in Final Fantasy X-2, is designed by Tetsuya Nomura. The character is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi in the Japanese language version and by Gwendoline Yeo in the English language localization. She is eighteen years old, and uses a sword for combat.
As part of one of Final Fantasy X-2's side-quests, the player can collect from around the world of Spira Key Items called "Crimson Spheres". These spheres document Paine's experiences as a warrior-fighter for the Crimson Squad, which was intended to be an elite unit to surpass the Crusaders; the best members were to be assigned to lead Crusader chapters across Spira. These spheres reveal that Paine had been the recorder for a group of candidates named Nooj, Baralai, and Gippal, the game's present day leaders of the Youth League, New Yevon, and the Machine Faction, respectively.

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