Top 10 Most Controversial Games of all Time 

What Makes a Bad Game Good?

10 najbardziej kontrowersyjnych gier
In every form of entertainment the boundaries of what is and is not acceptable are always being pushed to another level, whether it is excessive bad language, gratuitous violence or sexually explicit content.  With each step towards this there are always people who feel that it is a step too far.

In Pictures: Top 10 Controversial Games

Video games are no exception.  With Manhunt 2 finally receiving its classification for release, it sees a continuing trend of ‘controversial’ games in which their appropriateness is brought into question.  Only now after Manhunt 2 has been heavily edited is it deemed fit for sale.

The controversy surrounding video games may not be unwarranted, many people believing that some of the unfortunate terrors in society are a result of the influence that these games have on the youth.

There are others who don’t however, and feel that all these games help kids with their interaction, through the countless multi-player modes and on-line games, and that they are in fact just video games.  Not reality.

We’ve picked 10 of the most ‘controversial’ games that have been released through the years to let you decide for yourself.

One thing that stands out is that 6 of the 10 games are all part of a series, suggesting that regardless of their controversial nature, these games prove popular enough to merit a number of follow-ups.

Take a look at our picture gallery, where you can see some stills from the games and some general information regarding the games release and general content.  You can also discuss what you think about our ‘controversial games’ selection and add any others that you feel may warrant the tag of ‘Most Controversial Game’ on our Forum.

In Pictures: Top 10 Controversial Games

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