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Söldner: Secret Wars 33931 Download

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February 25, 2013
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Söldner: Secret Wars Download Info

Söldner: Secret Wars
Söldner Secret Wars is an entirely free semi realistic 3D online multiplayer shooter.

When it was oringinally released the game featured a destruction system that was unmatched by any other multiplayer game. Everything can be destroyed, buildings, trees and the landscape itself.

Also the number of weapons and vehicles is very impressive. There are more than 120 vehicles, tanks, ships, helicopters, jets and VTOLs and over 100 infantry weapons all usable by the player!

The game features more than 70 maps. All of them are located on one giant world map that's larger than europe! This means you can walk or fly forever without reaching the border of the world map. There are several map types including green forests, snow/winter, desert, tropic...

Every player can configure their own player model. There are more than 60.000 possible combinations of helmets, heads, jackets, pants, glasses etc. In addition to that there are lots of camouflage settings you can use for your player.

To make communication with your team easier the game features the AGS function that allows you to communicate, taunt or have fun with over 200 gestures. Many of them are voiced in several languages with several accents that depend on the head you selected for your player model.

In the multiplayer mode the administrator can select the time of day (to the minute) and one of 10 different weather settings. This means you can play any map with any daytime and any weather.

At it's release Soldner also was one of the first games to feature a commander modus. As commander you help your team from a birds eye view. You can assign targets, influence the tatic and order a powerful airstrike. You also control the money of the teamaccount that can be used by your teammembers to buy vehicles and weapons.

More information on the games features can be found on the official website:

Even though it is fairly old there are still lots of players in the servers. Soldner Secret Wars still offers more freedom and cool features than any of the current online multiplayer shooters. The community team working on the game continues support and development.

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