Registration, Usercard & Points System

How can I register?
Registration is simple and free and can be completed by clicking on the “Register now” feature in the “Member Login” box on the left of the screen.
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Can I use my existing CHIP Xonio Forum account with this site?
Yes.  If you have an existing account on, you will be able to log directly in on  There is no need to create a new profile.
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My CHIP Xonio Forum log in details don’t work – what can I do?
Please make sure that the username is entered correctly as our systems are case sensitive. 
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Why won’t my email address be accepted?
The only reason an email address will not be accepted is if it has already been used for registration.  Please double check the email address and try retyping it.  Alternatively, check that you haven’t already registered with us!
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Why wont my desired Username be accepted?
If a user name will not be accepted, then it means that it is already in use by another member.  Unfortunately we cannot have more than one user with the same user name.  Please try an alternative.
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How do I earn points?
Every activity, with the exception of downloading software, earns you points.  Points can be earned as follows:

Program update recommended and accepted    100 points
Program recommended and accepted    200 points      
Translation of an existing download    100 points      
Be the first to review a download    50 points      
Write a review for a download    30 points      
Reply to a question    50 points      
Invite a friend to become a member    10 points      
Invited friend becomes a member    100 points      
Reviews which are rated useful by others    20 points      
Replies which are rated useful by others    20 points      
Submitted comments    5 points
Registration Bonus  50 points
English description added to recommended program   40 points
Quality Points    20  -  100 points
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Why do I need points?
Two reasons.  The first is that at regular periods throughout the year, we will run competitions, with prizes up for grabs.  These competitions will all be based around points which you accumulate during the relevant time period.  The more points you earn, the better your chances of winning.

The second reason is that features an “Expert List”. In order to make it on to the Expert List for your country you need to be earning points.
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Why isn’t my name showing in the Expert list?
The first thing to check is that you have accumulated enough points in the relevant country.  The way to do this is open up your User Card.  You can check your points status in each country by clicking on the flags at the top of the site. If you have 2000 points in a single country, your name should be shown in the Expert List for that country.
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