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PDF tömörítése
The compression of a PDF be necessary if you have either converted very many pages or included many large format images, what  pushes up the file size. If you want to send the PDF e.g. via e-mail, the file size can quickly become a problem. We show you how to shrink a PDF.

The easiest way to shrink a PDF is to compress it with a compression program, such as the free 7-Zip. This tool allows you to shrink the file size by an average of one third. However, this works best if you compress multiple files into an archive. With a single PDF your chances of success are rather poor.

Alternative: Reduce Resolution
To reduce the size of the PDF itself, create the PDF again and reduce in the output settings of the print properties, the DPI, i.e. the resolution. The lower the resolution, the smaller the file size. Of course, this works best if you have the source file at hand, for then you can create the PDF again from the original source with reduced resolution. It also works if you only have the PDF on your computer: Open the PDF with your reader, such as the Nitro PDF Reader, and click on "Print" in the "File" menu. Select from the printer list another PDF program, such as the PDFCreator. Decrease the DPI in the properties. This reduces the quality though, but at the same time shrinks the file size significantly. Click on "Print" to create the new PDF.

Download: 7-Zip
Download: Nitro PDF Reader
Download: PDFCreator


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