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Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP 1.0 Final Download

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4.0 Star Rating (1 rating/s)
Date added:
September 24, 2010
Works only on OEM versions of OS
Operating systems:
Win XP
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Microsoft Security Essentials Download Info

Microsoft Security Essentials Free Download
Microsoft Security Essentials is a free anti-virus solution for Windows XP.

This freeware is just awesome. If you have got original OS, it cant get any better. It has Online Protection and works in the background ensuring that no virus can get through and cleans the computer in case it gets affected.

This freeware works most of the time invisible in the background. has an On-Access-Scanner, that will scan all files that are processed by the system. Also there is an On-Demand-Scanner, that will check user specified files and folders on your hard-disk.

Most of the time this software will work min the background. Just if it find obvious infected files you will see a popup, that will give hints, what you could do.

Microsoft Security Essentials makes a lot of things right in this first version. Especially for inexperienced user this software may be a good alternative to other more complicated software. Plus it fulfills almost all the needs of a good antivirus and it doesnt make the PC slow, like most of the antiviruses do.

This tool was recommended by palash.chatterjee provides safe and secure software. We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country. If you have any problems or concerns, please report it to the team.

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Editor's Review

Microsoft security essentials protects against unwanted threats to windows.

I found Microsoft essentials to be in essence an anti virus program and it worked well in my opinion, I was unable to find any faults with this and that surprised me.

The software runs in the background and only pops up if and when there is an action required, this being for you to update the program or for making a decision of what to do with an infected file.

The software can be set-up to run schedule scans and even if the computer is in use at the scheduled time it will wait till the computer become free.

In my opinion Microsoft finally got something right, a good piece of software for detecting those unwanted threats.

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Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP 1.0 Final

(Anti-Virus), October 14, 2010

Good Security solution

Reviewer: drivel - View all of My Reviews

Good intense program designed to protect buyers of original genuine Windows from malware,what more can anyone ask for. Of course due to it's real time protection attribute,it can come in conflict with other security applications offering real time protection.On the minus side it tends to have difficulty starting out and has to be given a push in the start button while the windows security center is going wild sending dire warnings!But overall it's good