HOW TO: System & Tuning

HOW TO: System & Tuning

System & Tuning

Learn how to clean up your hard drive of unwanted data or tweek and tune your PC for custom start-up and shut down processes. All this and more in the system and tuning how-to section.

  • Windows is the most popular operating systems in the world, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. In fact, Windows is plagued by bugs, viruses, crashes and a host of serious problems that can make your system difficult to use. Linux, however, is much more stable and more importantly, free to use and manipulate. If you decide to migrate from Windows to Linux, you will need to take steps before doing so. more
  • Keeping your computer running fast is not as difficult as many people think. Computers can become slower as more and more files are added to the hard drive over time. Fortunately, there are ways to clean the hard drive formats and bring your computer back up to an acceptable speed. more
  • Regular defragmentation of your should be considered part of your essential system maintenance, to help improve the overall life-span of your computer. If you want learn how to do it, read on. more
  • The two most common archiving formats are ZIP and RAR. Since XP, Windows has been capable of creating and extracting ZIP files without the need for additional third-party software, but how does one extract the precious contents of a RAR file? Read on to find out. more
  • This guide shows you how to recover a file that has been “permanently” deleted, by whatever means, with EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard. more
  • The Remote Desktop Protocol (or RDP) is a proprietary Microsoft solution, allowing the user to connect to another computer, see a graphical representation of its desktop, and access its data and applications, as if physically present in the same location. This guide shows you how to connect to a Windows computer from a Windows computer on the same Local Area Network. more
  • WinZip is one of the original file archiving tools on the internet, and is simple to use. With WinZip, important office documents, photos, or music tracks, can all be locked into a single file, in seconds and with just a few clicks of the mouse. This guide, however, shows you how to compress just a single file, which is useful for reducing it in size or adding password protection. more
  • An excellent open source alternative to WinZip is 7-Zip. It's completely free (even for commercial business use) and packed with features. Read on to learn how to create a ZIP archive with 7-Zip. more
  • Creating a ZIP is a useful method of locking a folder containing music, video, image or document files into a compressed archive which can then be transported, via email or the internet, much more conveniently. Read on to discover how to quickly create a ZIP archive in Windows. more
  • Sometimes files properties are set to hidden by users, to prevent others from finding them. To find out how to configure Windows 7 to display hidden files to the user, follow the steps in our simple guide. more


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