HOW TO: Photos & Graphics

HOW TO: Photos & Graphics

Photos & Graphics

Whether you are editing holiday photos, creating vector graphics or taking a screenshot of your desktop, these handy guides will show you how to use your favourite photos and graphics software.

  • Gone are the days of taking your prints to a lab to have them blown up or reduced, paying a hefty fee, and then waiting a week to collect them – at least if you have a computer with Adobe Photoshop installed on it. To learn how to resize your images with just a few clicks of the mouse, read on. more
  • Cropping an image in IrfanView is easily done, as with most graphics editing packages, and is a great way to improve the composition of your images/photographs, or remove unwanted elements. To discover how to use the Crop tool in IrfanView, read on. more
  • If you are new to Paint.NET and are looking to expand upon its base functionality, follow the steps in our guide to discover how to download and install a plug-in that has been published on the official community forum. more
  • For Mac owners, OS X provides the screenshot functionality as part of the operating system, with a number of different options – there is no need for additional software. Follow the steps in our simple guide to discover how to perform this simple task in a variety of ways. more
  • Cutting out an object from a digital photo, such as a person or inanimate object, is useful if you wish to replace the background and make it seem as if the photo was taken in a different location. This is a simple technique in Adobe Photoshop, and can be achieved in just a few minutes. Read on to learn how to do it. more
  • Google’s web-based application Picasa is a great alternative way to easily share photographs with friends and family. In addition to excellent photo-sharing features, Picasa provides a simple photo-editing suite. Read on to learn how to crop with Picasa. more
  • For decades, “airbrushing” techniques have been used to enhance photographs of supermodels on the covers of magazines. Now anyone with a computer and a copy of Adobe Photoshop can do their own airbrushing, and the process is almost universally a digital one today. Read on to learn how to do it. more
  • Picasa is Google’s entry into the web-based photo sharing market, and it is one of the superior offerings available. To learn how to use Picasa to resize your images, read on. more
  • Picasa Web Albums integrates with the installable client-side application, but also works independently - the user need not download and install any software to utilise the web-based functionality, and the experience is nearly identical across different OS and browser configurations. Read on to learn how to upload images to your Picasa Web Albums. more
  • Adobe Photoshop supports a wide range of virtual brushes for you to express yourself with. You can choose from pre-defined brush shapes, or create your own custom ones. To get to grips with using brushes in this excellent paint package, just read on. more


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