HOW TO: Desktop & Modding

HOW TO:  Desktop & Modding

Desktop & Modding

Wondering how to change your wallpaper? Need to swap icons in your application launcher? You can find tips on how to do these tasks and more in the desktop and modding section.

  • Whatever the reason, it is extremely quick and easy to capture a screenshot of your desktop, or a window you are viewing, and no additional, expensive or ad-ridden software is required to be installed beforehand – everything you need is provided by the operating system itself. Read on to learn how to do it. more
  • Many desktop monitors can be rotated 90 degrees - when combined with the portrait mode option set in the operating system, an artist can easily replicate a portrait canvas, and a writer (or a reader) can view many more lines of text on the screen simultaneously. To learn how to pull off this nifty manoeuvre, read on. more
  • Customising the desktop background, or wallpaper, is a way of both personalising your personal computer and expressing yourself. Add a touch of personalisation to your home or office computer. by changing the desktop wallpaper. Our simple guide shows you how to do it. more
  • RocketDock is a great application for customizing your desktop functionality. You can not only add a stylish and useful toolbar but also install ne functions in the form of so-called Docklets. This guide shows you how to add these Docklets. more
  • Learn how to customise the appearance of VirtualDJ to suit your taste. Modifying the look and feel of VirtualDJ has never been easier using our comprehensive step-by-step guide. more
  • Learn how to easily add cool new skins to RocketDock using our step-by-step guide. Customise RocketDock to suit your personality. more
  • Here you will find how to configure Objectdock and its many 'docklets'. Objectdock allows users to gain access to the most used applications with ease. more
  • Learn how to use the popular gadget Growl for both Windows and Mac OS. Have your notifications delivered straight to your desktop in real time. more


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