HOW TO: Burning & DVD

HOW TO: Burning & DVD

Burning & DVD

Burning your holiday photos to DVD or creating mixed audio CDs for your next party? We’ll show you how to get the job done for these tasks and more with these step-by-step guides.

  • Creating image files from discs, and then mounting them virtually (as opposed to burning them to physical media) is an environmentally sound approach to data backup, as well as being faster, consuming less physical space and providing greater accessibility over networks. To learn how to create a virtual drive and then mount an ISO image file using Alcohol 120%, read on. more
  • Adjusting the Booktype of a DVD you are creating, particularly it if is video and you intend to view it on an older standalone player or an Xbox/PS2, will help ensure that older hardware can read and play the disc back, without any issues. Read on to discover how to change the booktype in ImgBurn. more
  • An ISO image is a cloned disc image of an optical storage medium (such as a CD or DVD), which contains an accurate representation of the original discs individual data sectors. If you want to know how to create such an ISO image with Nero, read on. more
  • PowerISO is one of the better and more established solutions for mounting ISO files, and this guide will teach you how to do it using this great tool. more
  • PowerISO for Windows is one of many applications that provide the ability to create ISO files from physical disc media. Unlike most of its peers, however, it can also perform the reverse process of burning an ISO file to a blank DVD. Read on to learn how to this. more
  • ImgBurn is a lightweight, superior physical media burning application that sports a clean, no-nonsense interface, which is infinitely simpler and more intuitive than Windows. Our simple guide will show you how to create a DVD with it in just a few clicks. more
  • Windows Media Player is perfectly capable of burning CD compilations by itself, “out of the box”. Just follow the steps in this simple guide. more
  • There different kinds of burning a DVD. This How-to article covers the three possibilities of burning DVDs that you have when using CDBurnerXP. more
  • Daemon Tools is a popular drive emulator. This -How to- is about creating ISO. more


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