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At, we don’t stop with providing you with all the best and latest downloads. We like to spoil you and make sure that you have no trouble using them, that’s why we created our How To section, to give you advice and tips on how to best use your software.

  • All instant messaging applications can be a little lonely until you start building up a strong list of contacts, and ooVoo is no different. Fortunately this excellent free communication tool links in to Facebook and allows you to invite your friends there to come and join the ooVoo fun. Our guide shows you how to send an ooVoo invite to either all or selected Facebook friends with just a few clicks of the mouse. more
  • McAfee Labs Stinger offers targeted detection and removal of specific problematic viruses that cannot be removed using conventional antivirus programs. If you are experiencing difficulty with a particularly aggressive virus (or viruses), McAfee Labs Stinger might be able to help. For a full and current list of the viruses McAfee Labs Stinger is able to remove, first install the application, run it and then select the List Viruses option on the toolbar. more
  • Virtual RAM drives are specially partitioned segments of random access memory, one of the fastest forms of data storage, that are treated as if they were a hard drive. This provides a temporary, high-speed, secure storage location which is useful for a number of different applications, particularly in software development. RAMDisk for Windows allows users to create a virtual RAM drive in just a few clicks. more
  • Facebook updates, Tweets, business news, entertainment news, YouTube videos, weather updates, stock quotes, and other RSS feeds - most of us visit various web-pages to retrieve this information throughout the day. Klipfolio Personal Dashboard offers a method of gathering all of these important updates from multiple sources into a single interface using a collection of flexible widgets, delivering everything you need straight to the desktop and eliminating the need to constantly visit different sites. more
  • Immunet Protect is an advanced antivirus solution that is fast, requires no updates, and is completely free. The reason for its effectiveness is that it is a cloud-based application which stores its scanning engine and definition files on a central server, making it more responsive to new threats and significantly reducing the size of the installation on the client PC side. Our guide shows you how to get the best out of Immunet Protect. more
  • Its useful to have a Windows boot disc handy all the time, especially if you work in IT - but its even better if the boot disc is a USB flash drive that fits on your key ring. UltraISO is capable of creating a Windows 7 bootable flash drive, and the process is very quick and easy. All you need is a Windows 7 ISO, a big enough USB flash drive and a copy of UltraISO. more
  • If you're using Adobe Premiere to create movies, and you want to export the final cut to disc, you don't need to use another application - Adobe Premiere has its own built in DVD burning facility. Even better, it comes with a range of customisable menu templates to fit all genres, so the finished product will always look professional and allow viewers to jump straight to a specific scene. more
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you are browsing something personal on the web or doing some online shopping and suddenly have to close everything down in a hurry to avoid getting caught? A common situation is shopping online for loved ones, when suddenly they want to borrow your laptop to check their email - almost always resulting in a heated exchange of words! PanicButton is a great solution - it closes your tabs with a single click or keystroke and restores them later when it is safe to do so. more
  • If you need to translate an entire web-page quickly, there are faster methods than copying and pasting it paragraph by paragraph into the Google Translate site. The Google Translate extension for the Chrome browser provides one-click translation functionality when viewing any web-page, including all written content, buttons field labels, etc. This is particularly useful if you need to fill out a form in a foreign language, or understand the gist of a legal document. more
  • Most of us have online privacy concerns these days, and for those who want to protect their online activities from being tracked by companies such as Facebook and Google, there are tools available that can help achieve this. Ghostery is one such tool. A free extension for all popular browsers, Ghostery detects trackers and bugs all over the web and allows you to block them with just a few clicks. more


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