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At, we don’t stop with providing you with all the best and latest downloads. We like to spoil you and make sure that you have no trouble using them, that’s why we created our How To section, to give you advice and tips on how to best use your software.

  • If you have video files downloaded from the internet that utilise a "container" (file format) or audio/video codec unrecognised by your portable media player, all is not lost - you can simply use a tool such as XMedia Recode to convert them to the correct format, or reencode them with different codecs. The tool is easy to use and offers a multitude of encoding and conversion options. more
  • YamiPod allows you to bypass the most annoying aspect of iTunes and extract media files, such as mp3s and video files, directly from your iPod or iPhone. This is a godsend if the computer where your iTunes library is stored has a virus infection or hardware fault. Install YamiPod and browse your Apple device as if it is a mass storage device (as it should be). more
  • Downloading from one-click hosting services such as Rapidshare and Megaupload can be time consuming if you haven't purchased a premium account. Many download sites offer files in CryptLoad Container File (CCF) format, which contains the download URLs of all the separate parts of a single download, whether it is a movie, application, or anything else. Our guide shows you how to open CCF files using CryptLoad. more
  • If you feel as if you are losing the fight against spam and have more suspicious messages arriving in your inbox than ending up where they should - in the junk items folder - perhaps its time to take things up a notch with Spamihilator. This lightweight desktop client runs in the background monitoring incoming messages for potential spam activity, then automatically diverts junk messages once they are confirmed. more
  • It is always a good idea to keep backups of your favourite and most important DVDs, especially if they are no longer commercially available, as disks are easily damaged or misplaced. DVD neXt COPY standard is able to create a perfect backup duplicate of any DVD with just a few clicks, so you never have to worry about the worst case scenario. more
  • Everyone deletes files accidentally from time to time, and depending on the importance of the data, this can either be a minor annoyance or a serious issue. Data recovery tools such as O&O DiskRecovery allow you to search for and restore files that have been recently marked for deletion - but they are most effective when installed in advance, before data loss occurs. more
  • KMPlayer is a media desktop player that supports almost all known audio/video file container and codec types, making it very popular with users who often download movies with different file extensions, as no other software is required. This versatile piece of software is also capable of playing back a movie from a DVD folder stored on the hard drive, so you never actually need to burn movies to blank disks after ripping them. more
  • CoolWebSearch is a particularly prolific and unpleasant form of spyware that is aggressive and highly resistant to most antivirus and antispyware tools. A common symptom of a PC infected with CoolWebSearch is the browser homepage being reset to and frequent pop-up ads and reboots. CWShredder is the best method of removing this nasty malware from your system, and its both freeware and easy to use. more
  • RSS feeds are great - until you subscribe to too many of them and end up overwhelmed with the constant updates of varying importance and significance. SharpReader, an innovate and lightweight RSS feed reader, is the perfect antidote to this. It provides a mechanism to sort feeds into logical folders, and applies an automated intelligent linking system to connect related items with one another. more
  • If you have a YouTube channel, the excellent ooVoo instant messaging application allows you to connect your accounts, so you can record video messages in ooVoo and upload them directly to your YouTube channel, with just a few clicks. Our guide shows you how. more


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