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At, we don’t stop with providing you with all the best and latest downloads. We like to spoil you and make sure that you have no trouble using them, that’s why we created our How To section, to give you advice and tips on how to best use your software.

  • Repetitive Strain Injury is a very real menace to those who work long hours with computers, but it is avoidable - especially in scenarios where the same repetitive phrases are being typed again and again throughout the day. PhraseExpress is a phrase memorising tool that recalls your most commonly used text strings via simple hotkey combinations - helping to save your wrists, arms and back from injury. more
  • Cross-fading is one of the key effects that a DJ needs to have access to when mixing music. It allows the transition of one track to another, and then back again if desired. Mixxx is a free, open source virtual turntable application that enables you to easily crossfade between two mp3 tracks stored on your computer. more
  • If you want to edit a video clip and don't intend to make a professional career out of video editing, then it makes sense to opt for a free, lightweight - yet still very capable - video editing application such as Avidemux. With its portable nature and easy to use interface, you can extract short clips from longer video files very quickly, for fast sharing via YouTube, email or any other means. more
  • The key to mobile optimisation is the browser user-agent, a text string that every browser possesses and passes to the web server upon the initial handshake. Sites that are optimised for mobile render the site according to the published specifications of each handset on the market. User Agent Switcher allows you to test your site with different handsets, using only Mozilla Firefox. more
  • MegaUpload is a great one-click download service, but even if you have a Premium account, its easy to get distracted when downloading large files that are split into many multiple parts, meaning you sometimes lose track of what files you still require. Mega Manager is a download management utility from MegaUpload that does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is add the URLs to each download segment. more
  • Even on modern broadband connections, surfing the web is not a great deal faster than it was ten years ago (if at all), due to the image-heavy nature of most internet sites. Banner ads and other high resolution images all use up bandwidth, which increases the page load time. The web acceleration technology offered by CProxy allows you to significantly speed up your browsing time by automatically compressing web page media. more
  • P2PTV is set to be huge, with more and more clients being released that enable users to watch and broadcast internet television streams. SopCast is one of the superior options, offering an impressive number of features within a tiny application that won't hog your system resources. Our guide shows you how to use SopCast to watch live internet TV streams. more
  • If you are having difficulty setting up port forwarding on your router for a particular application, you're not alone - there are hundreds of guides on the internet for performing this (sometimes complicated) task on various router makes and models. PFConfig takes the sting out of port forwarding by handling the process for you automatically. Just select the application you want to allow, and you're away. more
  • Even the fastest and most powerful desktop computers become slow over time, as more advanced components are released onto the market. You can bring your PC up to date by replacing key components, such as the CPU, graphics card and RAM, but you need to know what hardware you are currently running so that you can be sure of compatibility. SiSoft Sandra Lite is the fastest and most reliable method of identifying your PC hardware. more
  • WinToFlash is an innovative tool that will allow you to install Windows from a USB storage drive. Perfect if you are using a netbook without a optical drive or your optical drive is broken, you can use this small tool to install Windows on any system that supports 'boot from USB' in the boot sequence. WinToFlash creates a bootable replacement for your Windows installation disc and can then also be used as a Windows recovery disc. more


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