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At, we don’t stop with providing you with all the best and latest downloads. We like to spoil you and make sure that you have no trouble using them, that’s why we created our How To section, to give you advice and tips on how to best use your software.

  • When erasing confidential, personal and private data it is recommended to use a reliable method of deletion that ensures it cannot be retrieved, should the disk it is stored on be accessed by another person. Deleting files using the normal method in Windows does not remove them from the hard drive. WipeFile will ensure that any files you delete cannot be recovered by normal data retrieval software. more
  • Data recovery is the process of bypassing a disk file system to extract raw data that has been previously marked for deletion by the operating system. In most cases, as long as the data has not been overwritten by something new, it is a fairly straightforward task for a decent recovery tool to retrieve it. DiskDigger is a reliable, free method of data recovery and our guide shows you how to use it to restore data that has been accidentally deleted. more
  • With the ever-changing nature of the web, it is a familiar feeling to visit a favourite website - only to find that it has been modified, pages have been taken down, or - worse still - the entire site is no longer online. Teleport Pro offers a solution for this problem, allowing you to download a static copy of an entire site for offline viewing, even if the site changes or is taken down. more
  • If you want to keep a unified bookmark list across multiple devices and your desktop computer, all you need is Google Chrome and an active Google account, as the bookmark syncing functionality is provided by an extension called ChromeMarks. Once you have set it up, you never have to worry about whether or not you have a particular bookmark on your Android device - and no more emailing yourself links "just in case". more
  • Sharing web links between devices is not really where we expected it to be in 2012. It's clumsy, with most of us - and let's be honest here - resorting to emailing ourselves links to interesting articles so that we can resume reading them on the journey to the office or home. Chrome to Mobile Beta aims to simplify this process by allowing you to "push" a URL directly to your Android device with just a click or two. Perfect for when you're in a hurry or can't access your webmail. more
  • Monitors don't really have enough room for sticky reminder notes these days, now that CRT technology is dead and LCD/LED displays are firmly entrenched on desks all around the globe. Well, no matter - PNotes provides all the benefits of the old post-notes, with many additional features, right on your Windows desktop. No waste, no monitor framed with ugly yellow paper, just a well organised life with no missed deadlines or hungry pets. more
  • Anti-theft software, when well implemented, is an effective method of securing your laptop from thieves. The popular conception that stolen computers just get reformatted (and the anti-theft software erased) is not necessarily true - many thieves want your personal data more than the hardware itself. Prey is the best anti-theft solution on the market, and its also open source - and free. more
  • No one likes the thought of having their laptop stolen. An anti-theft tool called LoJack for Laptops can provide peace of mind, as well as pinpoint accurate locational data in the event of a theft. The software is tamper-proof and almost impossible to detect (it can only be removed by an authorised user). Our step-by-step guide shows you how to use LoJack to protect your laptop from would-be thieves. more
  • So you want to watch proper television on your PC, e.g. high-quality, full satellite transmissions that don't freeze and buffer every few seconds? You'll need two things: firstly, a DVB TV Receiver card, and secondly, the right software player to get the most from it. Once you've chosen and installed your DVB hardware, run through our guide to get started with the best DVB player for Windows, DVB Dream. more
  • Paradoxically, eBooks were supposed to make the joy of reading easier for everyone, but the complexity of the multi-format and multi-device eBook landscape can, at times, make the simplicity of a paperback seem very tempting. Calibre aims to restore that simplicity, allowing you to manage a multi-format eBook library, and access it over the internet on any device. more


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