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At, we don’t stop with providing you with all the best and latest downloads. We like to spoil you and make sure that you have no trouble using them, that’s why we created our How To section, to give you advice and tips on how to best use your software.

  • Searching for files and folders in Windows 7 is still not quite where it should be, with a lot of clicks and trekking backwards and forwards necessary every time you access specific locations on your hard drive. Whilst we wait for Windows 8 to see if Microsoft have improved this for the next iteration of Windows, why not give Listary a spin to see how it can help you work more efficiently. more
  • Delete and Disable your Google web search history. more
  • Whenever you post a digital photo on the internet, anyone can (in theory) download it and use it for their own purposes. If you're a professional photographer, or even an amateur photographer with a real eye for a good shot, the chances are your images are at risk of being harvested if they are available in their original format online. A watermarking tool such as waterMark V2 can go a long way toward preventing this from happening. more
  • Security should always be a high priority if you store documents or other files of a confidential nature on your computer. Preventing access or hiding folders and files in Windows is relatively easy, but it is also easy (for anyone with a modicum of IT knowledge) to circumvent. Folder Guard offers a much higher degree of control over securing your data, and no one without the right credentials will be able to access your data. more
  • All computers need regular maintenance to keep them performing as well as they possibly can. Over time, temporary files build up which eat up resources and can result in impacted response times. Glary Utilities is a tuning application that helps you to clear the dead wood out of your system and keep it running like it did when Windows was first installed. It also provides a range of customisation features for your system and is free to use. more
  • Creating a local backup of a site is useful if you need to access it and retrieve information whilst offline, or if you want to preserve a slice of history when a site is taken offline. Most web-site backup tools only offer the facility to save static content such as images and text, without capturing rich media such as video and Flash. Fresh WebSuction is different - it is capable of retrieving an entire website, rich media included, and creating a local copy of it on your hard drive. more
  • Burning files to disk (either a CD or DVD) is still one of the best methods of backing up data and guarding against accidential deletion. If you already have a CD/DVD burner connected to your PC, all you need is a good burning utility and a blank disk, and you're good to go. Burn4Free fits the bill nicely. more
  • Turbo Lister 2 is designed to make life easier for eBay sellers with a high volume of products to sell. It offers bulk uploading capabilities and much more flexibility for the visual appearance of eBay listings, making it a must-have for successful sellers on the eBay platform. more
  • Leaving your computer running overnight to complete defragmentation, download, upload or other tasks is costly and harmful to the environment. Chrono Shutdown is a green utility that allows you to specify a shutdown schedule for your Windows machine so that it turns itself off at a set time. This is ideal for environmentally aware PC owners who like to run essential maintenance or other tasks during the night. more
  • If you're trying to watch videos on YouTube but keep getting the dreaded "This video is not available in your country" message instead, the ProxTube extension for Chrome and Firefox allows you to bypass this by bouncing your IP address via a proxy in another country. It works automatically, detecting when a YouTube video is being blocked, and enabling the proxy as and when you need it. more


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