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At, we don’t stop with providing you with all the best and latest downloads. We like to spoil you and make sure that you have no trouble using them, that’s why we created our How To section, to give you advice and tips on how to best use your software.

  • Speed Launch is a program launcher designed to improve your efficiency. It allows you to cherry pick the applications you use the most, and launch them from a quick launcher bar that is accessed by double-clicking Speed Launch's bullseye icon. If you have a lot of applications on your computer, this can save valuable seconds each time you access a new utility - which all adds up over the course of the day, week or month. more
  • Gmail is indispensable, always available when you need it - even when you are on the move - provided you have an internet connection, and then the service is completely lost! Offline Google Mail is a lightweight plug in for Google Chrome that stores a cache of your Gmail messages and allows you to read, reply and search them - even when offline. more
  • YouTube has evolved from a simple video sharing utility to the de facto platform for music and video content on the internet, and during the course of its evolution, accumulated many new features and usability improvements. It still plays clips automatically when you click a link though, giving you no time to adjust your volume or get settled in. TubeStop is a small browser plug-in that fixes this annoying little quirk. more
  • There is nothing more annoying than a music library with missing or incorrect metadata. Tracks play in the wrong order, or on the wrong album, and entire discographies are spread over 3 or 4 incorrectly-spelled artist names. Jaikoz puts a stop to this by automatically correcting and filling in faulty and missing metadata. Your music library will once again be something you can be proud of. more
  • Most PCs and mobile devices are capable of viewing PDFs, but this file format is generally not editable unless you have specific software. Converting PDF to JPG, however, allows you to open up the document in a graphics tool (such as Adobe Photoshop) and modify or extract elements easily. PDF To JPG Converter provides one easy method for achieving this. more
  • Almost as long as there have been message boards, there have been animated GIF signatures. These low-fi multi-frame images are supported by all types of browser and are an easy way to display "video" content within a web page. This makes them perfect for avatars and signatures on internet forums. Learn how to make your own animated GIFs from video clips using Easy Video to Gif Converter 3.0. more
  • Thanks to the power of the internet, today anyone with a PC, webcam and internet connection can broadcast their own web TV channel to thousands of viewers. All you need is the right software to make it happen, and one of the best solutions for this is webcamXP, which offers a whole host of features besides live webcam broadcast. Our guide focuses on this specific aspect of webcamXP. more
  • Ghosting a hard drive partition and creating an image is still very much a valid and popular form of backup and restore, and is commonly used in businesses to create generic workstation builds. It is also a good way of backing up all the programs, settings and data on your PC so that it can be restored in an hour, instead of two or three days. Acronis True Image 2010 is an excellent choice of imaging tool for this purpose. more
  • Regular removal of temporary files is an important part of keeping your computer well maintained. Unfortunately, many empty files and folders are often left behind when uninstalling applications, and these aren't always picked up by system tuning utilities such as CCleaner. FMS Empty File Remover scans your computer for "zero size" files and folders, then allows you to remove them with a single click. more
  • There are times when it is preferable to disable the screensaver from kicking in, but you might not want to disable it completely. To do this on a per-application basis, a tool called AntiScreensaver comes highly recommended. Easy to use, you can instruct it to override the screensaver if you are (for example) using PowerPoint or watching a DVD - just two common situations you wouldn't want a screensaver to start. more


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