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At, we don’t stop with providing you with all the best and latest downloads. We like to spoil you and make sure that you have no trouble using them, that’s why we created our How To section, to give you advice and tips on how to best use your software.

  • PC Auto Shutdown is a useful tool that helps you to cut down on your energy costs by enabling the scheduling of automatic shutdowns. If you need to leave your PC on to finish an important download, virus scan or defrag task, but don't want to leave it running all night, PC Auto Shutdown lets you specify a time after the task is due to be completed and your computer shuts down automatically - saving you money, and helping the environment. more
  • Dropbox is a great system for sharing large files that cannot be emailed. It's only drawback is that it requires both users to have a Dropbox account. Well, not any more - AirDropper is a neat tool that utilises the Dropbox API and allows a Dropbox user to request a file from anyone via email. The sender uploads the file via AirDropper and it arrives in the recipient's Dropbox folder. A simple and effective method of remote collaboration! more
  • Remote support is the process of taking control of someone else's PC (with their permission, of course) in order to provide technical support and/or training. The user taking control is able to view the other PC as if it is their own, and interact with files and folders using the mouse and keyboard in the usual way. Team Viewer is one tool that facilitates remote support, either over a network or across the internet. more
  • Cloud-based backup and restore solutions are generally simple, one click affairs these days - even the free packages provide a limited amount of cloud storage to which you can start uploading your precious data to immediately after sign up. After the initial setup, little user intervention is ever required. Paragon Backup & Recovery works a little differently, offering the user more control and options for backing up data. more
  • Windows is pretty limited when it comes to providing an overview of hardware connected to your computer, and the drivers installed for each component. This is why most professionals use a third party tool, such as PC Wizard, to identify what's under the hood and the driver version of each hardware element, before making important decisions on whether or not to upgrade hardware or software. more
  • Have you ever tried to transfer video files from your desktop PC to a mobile device and discovered that they are not compatible? It is a common problem for video lovers worldwide, due to the lack of support for many different file formats on devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (not to mention the thousands of different feature phones currently on the market). Ann Video Converter fixes this by offering total video conversion in a few easy steps. more
  • There are dozens of mail clients on the internet, with many of the more obscure, freeware alternatives offering just as many useful features as the more obvious choices (such as Microsoft Outlook). This introduction to setting up Koma-Mail shows you just how good a freeware, portable mail client really can be. more
  • Spam email is always a problem, and the older your email address, the more severe the influx of spam generally is on a daily basis. You don't necessarily need to invest in expensive anti-spam technology to tackle the problem - mail clients such as the free, portable Koma-Mail offer a number of different ways to combat junk mail. more
  • Copying large files in Windows is cumbersome, with little possibility of cancelling if a mistake is made, and no option to pause/resume large jobs. Then there is the dreaded "File in use" error. No surprise then that Microsoft themselves have subtly addressed this problem by releasing the excellent RichCopy - which does everything for copying files you would expect natively in an operating system in its 8th major iteration. more
  • Attack Surface Analyzer is an official security tool from Microsoft that enables users to monitor the effect of certain programs on the attack surface, the operating system layer that is modified by the installation of certain applications. This allows a greater understanding of the changes to this OS layer and a better security awareness, which is ideal for IT administrators whose responsibility this is. more


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