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At, we don’t stop with providing you with all the best and latest downloads. We like to spoil you and make sure that you have no trouble using them, that’s why we created our How To section, to give you advice and tips on how to best use your software.

  • Photos of family and friends make great screensavers, but videos are even better! This functionality is not natively supported in Windows XP, but with a small official download from Microsoft you can add it. Within minutes you can create video screensavers from your favourite video clips. more
  • Angry IP Scanner is a portsweeping utility that can search IP ranges on the internet for specific ports. Most servers utilise specific port numbers for certain purposes, such as FTP servers, and Angry IP Scanner can be used to FTP servers from a known range of IP addresses. This is useful if you know an FTP server exists but have forgotten the IP address in its entirety. more
  • Camfrog is a fun, feature-packed tool for video chatting with friends over the internet. It is also the perfect way to make new friends online. When using Camfrog, you'll want to make sure your audio settings are properly configured, or others won't be able to hear you properly - which can put a real dampener on quality conversation. Our guide shows you how to configure the audio settings in Camfrog so that you can be heard properly by other users. more
  • Gantt charts are sometimes the most effective way of viewing a project at a high level and seeing how the various workstreams will be conducted in parallel with one another. Once considered revolutionary, Gantt charts are now a standard way for project managers to communicate the project plan to the rest of the team. If you want to produce your own Gantt chart on a limited budget, or prefer to use open source, cross platform tools, then GanttProject is the best choice. more
  • Many users purchase more RAM as soon as they start to feel their PC is getting over the hill, and applications take longer to launch or switch between. Certainly, more RAM helps, but there are ways to use the available RAM more efficiently and squeeze more performance out of it. SuperRAM is a tool that offers memory optimisation and management, making your PC feel young again in just a few clicks (no hardware updates required). more
  • YouTube is great, but it does have some design and usability conundrums. One of these is loading the lowest quality rendition of each video clip by default - an insult to those of us with huge 1080p displays! Auto HD for YouTube feels your pain and "corrects" this baffling behaviour, allowing you to specify which variant of each YouTube clip should be loaded by default. more
  • YouTube and other video sharing platforms have changed the way we view video, with millions of users now coming together to upload low resolution clips of their friends falling off skateboards or their dogs falling in swimming pools. The only thing that sometimes tarnishes the pure enjoyment of watching this free content is the slow buffering times often encountered when streaming video over the internet. SpeedBit Video Accelerator reduces buffering time considerably, making silly clips fun again. more
  • Can you touch type? Even if you use a computer for 12+ hours a day, its unlikely that you can touch type using the proper, recommended technique - because most of us don't know how and tend to soldier on using bad technique that can injure us over the long term. Learning touch typing requires the right instruction and TIPP10 is a great way to learn touch typing techniques correctly, without the need for one to one tuition and the associated costs. more
  • Searching for important files buried in the depths of your hard drive is often a fruitless, frustrating chore on Windows 7. You know it's there somewhere, but the operating system continues to grind away with no sense of urgency. It works, but it is not fast and lacks any kind of search granularity. The same cannot be said for Locate32, a lightning-fast desktop search tool that makes the default Windows search look obselete in comparison. more
  • Being distracted is always a problem for writers, and today PCs have more things to distract the work-at-home writer than ever before. WriteMonkey is a writing tool that aims to improve concentration and help focus thoughts by providing a stripped down, dark background interface without menus, sounds or anything else that drives writers crazy. WriteMonkey is totally free and can really help to reduce the likelihood of writer's block occurring. more


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