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Grand theft Auto 5 Trailer Download

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Rockstar games
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November 03, 2011
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Grand theft Auto 5 Download Info

In 2009 Rockstar games said that the possibility of the next in the hugely popular GTA series was on the cards. Now nearly 2 years later on Wednesday 2nd of November 2011 Rockstar games has release the first official trailer for GTA5.

Grand theft auto started out in the late 90’s on the pc since then it has been ported out to the Xbox and PlayStation in many instalments often leaving the pc version on the back burners, with the pc version often being released many months later and with the struggled PC release of GTA4, could GTA5 be the first in the series to only appear on the Xbox and PS3 only?

GTA 5 returns to the state of San Andreas and the city of los Santos a city based on LA. The trailer gives the impression that the main character is looking to settle down from his previous life and start a family and have a normal life, but things soon turn ugly once more and the hero or villain to be more accurate soon finds out life in San Andreas is not all happy families.

With no release date set could GTA 5 should we expecting GTA5 to be hitting the shelves sometime in 2012? Only Rockstar games can answer that. No doubt this will have as much fun and excitement as the previous GTA games we are surely in for a spectacular edition to an already hugely popular game series. provides safe and secure software. We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country. If you have any problems or concerns, please report it to the team.

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