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Best 10 Casual Games 2011

Best 10 Casual Games 2011

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50 Best Freeware Games!

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Flappy Tux 0.1

(Jump & Run), March 07, 2014

neat alternative to Flappy Bird

Reviewer: tuxaddict - View all of My Reviews

Flappy Tux is a nice little computer game very similar to Flappy Bird. It's great that the "Super Tux"-graphics have been used to create this game, so for everyone who loves this little penguin as much as I do, it's a must have. The game is very well suited for little breaks between work or studying.

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Domain Guide to Success 2009

(eBooks & ePapers), May 12, 2013

Domainer guide to success 2009

Reviewer: Subbu kkdi (Karaikudi) - View all of My Reviews

Domainer guide to success 2009. will give sure success download and study this.

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Snowcraft 1.3

(Sports & Simulations), November 28, 2012


Reviewer: ReproductiveOrgan - View all of My Reviews

I've been playing this at Christmas 8 years in a row now and I've never got bored of it. It has all the qualities of a classic game: playability, great graphics and great sounds. It's a very addictive game that has never lost its charm. Highly recommended!

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Zero-K 0.7.3

(Strategy), September 01, 2012

You like epic scale? This is for you!

Reviewer: [GBC]HeadHunter - View all of My Reviews

Most RTS games are very much simplistic, and restrict the freedom of player: there are unit limits, finite resources on the map, player limits for multiplayer games. In some cases it can be ridiculous, such as selection size limits in Blizzard games. ZK lifts all of those limitations. There are no caps and limits, and the variety of possible strategies is staggering. For the same resources, one can get a bunch of heavy tanks or a thousand tiny little fleas that would be sometimes more effective, as there is just so many of them you can hit at once.

ZK also features the most progressive UI ever made for RTS, that supports pen and touch input, and allows one to control the massive battles with surgical precision while doing just about 10-20 clicks per minute (compare to 150-200 for StarCraft pro players). Anyway, worth checking out, its free=)

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