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Game Cam 2.6.1 Download

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2.6 Star Rating (8 rating/s)
Planet Gamecam
Date added:
October 02, 2012
Operating systems:
Win XP/Windows Vista/Win 2000/Win 2003 Server/Win 98/Win Me/Win 95/Win NT 4.0/Win XP Media Center Edition/Win
File size:
USD 25,95

Game Cam Download Info

Game Cam
With Game Cam you can easily record in-game scenes of your video games.

Game Cam allows you to record in-game videos of your games and share them on the internet or with your friends.

Game Cam has a simple and easy to learn interface and it has very little effect on your FPS-rate while playing.

This tool was recommended by zaffarin

This is a quick guide how to use the GameCam after installation. provides safe and secure software. We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country. If you have any problems or concerns, please report it to the team.

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Editor's Review

Game cam lets you capture real time video footage of your gaming experience so that you can share them with friends and fellow gamers.

Game cam is pretty easy to install and configure Chips online quick guild makes it even easier this can be found above. Once you have Game cam installed and set-up and you have both Game cam and your game running you can begin to record your game play.

If like millions of others in the world you are a gamer and like to show to your friends how good you are at games this is ideal as you can record and save your game play to your computer in a variety of formats (the freeware version only supports AVI formats).

The Freeware version of this software is severely limited you can only record in AVI the quality is not a very high standard, there is a watermark embedded in the video file. The frame can only be set to a Quarter of the window size, there is no sound support. These are just a few of the limitation of the program as a freeware version.

If you decide you like the program then you can purchase the full version for $29.95 which is about £20 this is not bad for the software you are getting, however this is limited to the version you are buying and you will not receive any updated version.

Overall the freeware version does have a useful place for many gamers if you don’t mind the restriction but for any serious gamer who like to show they gaming skills the upgrade is a must.

Publisher's Website:

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Game Cam 2.5.0

(Recording Software), February 02, 2010

New version

Reviewer: Katnipp - View all of My Reviews

The new version works great. The bugs seem to be worked out now. It has a lot of extra features that are not necessary but once you figure out how to use them then you can do more than just take a bunch of movies at full or half size. The file sizes are very manageable.

3 of 4 people found the following review useful:

Game Cam 2.3.4

(Recording Software), June 20, 2009

Do not get this GameCam software

Reviewer: shibaa - View all of My Reviews

The GameCam program has no many issues it should be called alpha/beta software, but the company is selling it, and the support for the program is terrible. They refuse to acknowledge issues with their software and will just and ban you from their forum and delete all your posts.

Its a program similar to fraps, it allow you to record in game footage, but the program allows the use of codecs to compress the file, so you do not have large files like fraps.

Part of the issue with this program is that if you record an avi file with divx and the avo recorded is in a avi 1.0 container that can not exceed a 2 gb limit or the file is corrupted. The safeguard option of the program to prevent this do not work properly. Even if the file is well within 2 gb it could still be corrupted by the program itself not properly saving the video on the fly. You might be able to fix the video using other tools but that might not work.

The program seems to hook to almost anything instead of just games. If you load any flash movie, like hulu for example, and full screen it, the program will pop up and try to record it like its a game.

The program will crash your game if you exit the program with game still running.

The options to configure the program can only be accessed via the interface that hooks into the game and access via hot key that defaults to \. The GameCam mouse used in this interface will stop working frequently causing issue that now you can not configure the program and will need to reinstall the app to set settings to default, only normal way to default things is in this hooking interface assuming your mouse works.

All in all it has been one headache after another with the program, and when ever you would mention your issues to them on their forum and suggest a change to make it easier to use or reconfig or restore default settings without reinstalling, you get met with forum mod that has nothing better to do than threaten you and do nothing to fix your issue.

1 of 1 people found the following review useful:

Game Cam 2.3.1

(Recording Software), May 23, 2009


Reviewer: CyberDemonLord - View all of My Reviews

I've found another tool which is better for me than Fraps or GameCam.
It is PlayClaw.
URL to web site:

1 of 2 people found the following review useful:

Game Cam 2.3.1

(Recording Software), May 16, 2009


Reviewer: megatoll - View all of My Reviews

this softwear helps alot to view replys on youtube and saving the nice mouments in the game :)

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